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    Seaside Shelter

    Location Newport, RI United States See map: Google Maps Welcome to Seaside Shelter! I'm Dani— seasoned DIY-er, professional yard-saler, and color chameleon. I don't always pursue junk, but it often pursues me. Like a siren, an old desk on the side of the road will call out my name until I am compelled to hurry it home for a fresh coat of paint. I have always had a passion for art. I was the kid in school who painted the murals in the hallways and bedazzled your denim jacket. I sewed dolls that resembled our algebra teacher and made the Sculpey pin you wore on your school uniform....more

    Seasons South and North

     We are a part of nature. We are born with bodies constructed along the same lines as those of other mammals and with similar needs, and we die in the same way as other creatures. We are governed by nature's laws, the surest events in our lives: the sun always rises and sets, the moon always waxes and wanes, the seasons of the year follow on one another in the same order always....more

    Second Verse, Same as the First

    A single mother of three boys blogs about life, politics, food, fashion, money, and raising ADHD children.  With sarcasm, of course, because that's how we get by. ...more

    See Jane Do

    See Jane Do is social change multimedia program.  As the hosts, we're moms on a quest to discover solutions to enhance the planet and the lives of our family and community.  As a result, we are capturing the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet.  Featured on KVMR and beyond, See Jane Do connects women, entertains, inspires, and informs.  ...more

    Serenity's Giveaways!

    Welcome BlogHer Community!  Serenity's Giveaways is a place where we can Discover, Learn, Love and Share Goodies!  We want to discover new, fun, economical, efficient, green, frugal, yummy tasting, fun, homemade,  natural items and advice to learn about and share with all my lovely readers!...more

    sew green

    Sew Green is made up of eleven women who met through the crafting blogging community. This blog is a way for us to remove some of the obstacles to sustainable living, for ourselves and each other, by sharing what we’re learning and figuring out who to try to influence {industry people, institutions, politicians} on a grander scale, to affect change. ...more


    Location Home Art Studio United States See map: Google Maps Sewmantra is a blog about sewing your mantra, whatever that may be. As a growing collective, this blog is a platform with many voices. We promote our writer's shops, publish DIY projects, articles, expertise, and features on interesting artists of all walks from around the world. We have a fun and witty style that is hip and fresh....more

    SF Green Labs

    A Bay Area forum for green design ideas ...more


    Location New Hampshire United States See map: Google Maps A blog chronicalling the journy of my family building an off-grid home using recycled and green materials....more

    Shoot From the Hips

    I write about my life, raising two small boys in a canadian city.  I write about my crafts, gardening, baking parenting adventures.  I have free patterns for sewing and crochet on my blog too!  We are currently turning our city property into a farm/homestead! ...more

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