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    Single Women Rule

     The blog for a global network of single women reveling in life’s magic and feeling truly fulfilled - whether the knight in shining (or newly refurbished) armor ever arrives! ...more

    single, write, female

    A thirty-something girl and her dog, embracing the good ... good ... better parts of life....more

    Sisters of the Holy Family :::: Notes from the Convent

    Notes from the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Family.  ...more

    Sisters Raising Sisters

    We are Sisters, each Raising a set of Sisters with our husbands, separated by geography but not philosophy.  And our lives are everything you would never expect.  Mustang Sally is a national sports television producer for FOX Sports and ESPN.  Penny Lane is an aerospace engineer and astronaut trainer for NASA.  At Sisters Raising Sisters, we explore how our counter-culture careers (now part-time or on-hold), play a happy runner-up to investing in our families and working to change the culture our girls are destined to encounter....more

    Skin RX Clinic....Skin Care and makeup tips, tricks and fun stuff

    Your beauty is revealed to the world through the medium of your skin. At Skin RX Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you radiate an image of health, vitality and allure.  Think of this site as your 24/7 personal consultant, your therapeutic partner in the process of optimizing skin health and beauty. Focusing on skin conditions like acne, aging, rosacea, scarring, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and more, Skin RX Clinic offers clear explanations of the science behind the problems, along with reality-based solutions....more

    Slow Christmas

    I love Christmas.  But I have become increasingly annoyed at how the bad guys have hijacked the Christmas season to make money and make us frantic.  So I decided it’s time to fight back.  The holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and have fun, not to get stuck running endless eleventh-hour errands in a crowded mall.  We need to slow down Christmas, and start enjoying it....more

    Slow Family Online

    Location San Francisco Bay Area United States See map: Google Maps Slow Family Online is for busy parents who wish to slow down and reconnect with their families and their passions through fun, hands-on activities in nature and at home....more

    Slugs on the Refrigerator

    An Iowan mama, translplanted in Scotland. Living with one spirited small boy, 2 cats, one goldfish, a couple of slugs and a Dada named Kevin. ...more

    Small Footprint Family

    This site is dedicated to the health and sustainability of our families and our planet. ...more

    small house, big picture: philosophies of food, family, and dare I say it? feminism

    I’m more of a slogger than a blogger.   The word “philosophy” in my title alone forebodes of my inability to shut-up.  Perhaps that makes you the slogger? If you want to risk it, visit for a dose of blogosophy from a mom with a mission to change the world one household at a time.  I’ll try not to make a slogger out of you.  But I can’t promise.   ...more

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