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    the days are packed

    I was going to try to make this funny. Maybe I still can. I don’t know. First off, everyone’s fine. I tend to the melodramatic anyway, and as a mother who has watched the skin on her child’s split head curl open like sneering lips, well, I don’t expect to have much control over that drama now. No. Frankly, I just want to write this to get it out of my head. Feel free not to read ahead if blood or injured children makes you queasy. ...more

    The Dayton Time

    Welcome to my world. Here I sit, trying to think of something really creative and descriptive about my blog, so that lots of people will want to read about my clever babes, my mister, the whole Dayton experience. But my brain is stuck on the fact that my French Press still has yesterday's coffee grounds in it. And the cloth diapers are probably growing something in the dirty bag, they need to be washed so very badly. And, come to think of it, I could really use a shower. ...more

    The Dirty Work

    So, I've always tried to be Eco-conscious, but there is so much more I could be doing and so much I wasn't even thinking about. But, I'm so sick of all the misinformation, green-washing, and consumption driven "greening" that I figured the only way I could figure it out for myself was to put it in writing...Here goes... ...more

    The E is for Erin

    Thoughts on motherhood from a feminist and fumbling newbie perspective, musings on life from a crunchy hippie slash bookwormy nerd, and a bit of working from home as a self-employed cartoon artist. Plus cute pictures of my kid - you can't go wrong!  ...more

    The Easy Peasy Going Green Guide

    Our adventures of being more eco-minged and friendly ...more

    The Eco Chic Blog

    A wife, mom, and environmental consultant sharing ideas on how to better love our Mother Earth! ...more

    The Eco-Friendly Family

    Green & heathy living oriented blog with a special interest in safe feminine care, cloth diapers and reducing chemical exposure by choosing safer foods and products.  I'm learning as I go and sharing my journey....more

    The Environmental Goddess

    Even after having completed a graduate degree in environmental management, walking the talk that I believe in can still be a challenge. Through this blog, I strive to share first hand green living experiences, product reviews, and lifestyle changes to help encourage others to be more environmentally conscious while being informed, modern, and stylish!...more

    The Ethically Challenged

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Can you tell your organics from your fairtrade? We decided to find out how our shopping habits affect other people and the environment. We're buying free-range, recycling, trying vegan, upcycling, living sustainably. We want to know: Why bother? And is it worth it? If the idea is beginning to sound too daunting, we’re hoping all the shopping will make up for it....more

    The Ferret...Online

    There are few things I can say as confidently as this...if there is something online to be found, I can find it. ...more

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