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    The Fit Girl's Kitchen

    I’m just your normal midwestern girl that loves a good sweat and finding ways to incorporate healthiness into everyday life. When I eat better, I feel better. When I get out of yoga, I feel better. I look forward to going for a run because I know how amazing I will feel when I get done.   Creating a healthy lifestyle has more than just physical benefits – there are huge mental benefits as well....more

    The Fitness Riot

    Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise Tips, Healthy Recipes, Beauty Inside and Out, Stress Relief, Tips and Facts on all things Health & Fitness from a Twentysomething going on Thirtysomething ~ sister, daughter, wife, friend and furry kitty-mommy...more

    The Friendly Veg

    A one stop veggie shop of good vegetarian recipes, products, dining, and events in New York City, The Friendly Veg blog is a light-hearted, easy approach to a vegetarian lifestyle. ...more

    the future is {eco} friendly with matersum

    Location Vaudreuil-Dorion Canada See map: Google Maps Matersum is a work-at-home mom hobby business making reusable cloth menstrual pads, cloth diapers & wipes. The blog focuses on ways to go green, tips and tricks for succesfully transitionaing to reusable items, and news and goodies from the online boutique....more

    The Garden of Eating

    The Garden of Eating is a blog about food -- the growing, producing, procuring, cooking, and eating of it -- written by Eve Fox. Eve lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband (a.k.a. the sous-chef.) She has a legendary love of aprons and can often be found squeezing fruits and veggies at one of the many local farmers' markets. ...more

    The Girl in the Middle

    Commentary on life, love and living with an occassional nutty youtube video. ...more

    the girl with the most cake- living with less is more

    i'm a married woman in her early 40s. i live in the south with my husband and my dog. a few years ago, i was a successful executive with a major lifestyle retailer. but then arthritis kicked my butt. i lost my big house in the city due to foreclosure (plus it had stairs) and moved to the country to live in a house with no stairs and a smaller note. something inside of me still wants to live as if i'm still rolling in the money, but there is no where to spend it here anyway. i live about 15 miles from the nearest taco bell for goodness sake!...more

    The Good Luck Duck

    Location Wherever it's warm Easy Street United States See map: Google Maps We're two women who gave up our average life to travel fulltime and live in our motorhome.  Six cats graciously share their space with us and allow us a small niche on their bed for sleeping.  We write bad poetry, drink bad liquor, and tell bad jokes.  We avoid campgrounds and head right for the woods....more

    The good, the bad, and the ugly of livestock production

    Exposing the unsavory side of animal production and sharing the positive alternatives that exist through photos, stories, interviews, and opinions. ...more

    The Goode Life

    The Goode Life is my answer to all those who want to live green and chic at the same time! You will find lots of great tips and advice for home, fun, shopping, and just life in general on living The Goode Life. Who says you have to give up your modern day comforts and move to the woods in order to save the planet? I'm a city girl to the core who wants to do her part in saving the planet yet I still want to have fun too; which is why I bring you The Goode Life! ...more

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