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    Unexpected Delights

    A blog about food - wine - events - gifts - black dogs - and everything in between!! ...more

    Unlock Your Home - Tread Lighter

    Find energy saving, eco friendly tips and tricks. The blogger empowers readers to tread lighter with ideas you can easily do around your home to save energy, water, and money! ...more

    Upside to rainny days

    A Eco Friendly blog bringing awareness to great green companies and services, product reviews and giveaways, green crafts and healthy recipes, interesting articles and everything in between...more

    Urban Chicken Adventure

    Chicken keeping in suburban Portland, Oregon....more

    Urban Fashion Network

    We are devoted to fashion trends, up and coming designers, events, boutiques & all things related! Check us out at   Thanks!Tarah ...more

    Urban Herbology

    Location UrbanHerbology Watergraafsmeer Amsterdam Netherlands See map: Google Maps Urban Herbology is about growing, foraging and using herbs, especially in cities.It is also a hub for a social network, particularly folks in Amsterdam who like to meet other herb foragers and wisewomen herbalist types face to face.Urban Herbology focusses on medical, magical, culinary and traditional folk uses of herbs....more

    Urban Homesteader

    Ideas, photos, recipes, tips and real-life experiences about one average suburban family's quest to live a greener life ...more

    Urban Sacred Garden

    Location Louisville, KY United States See map: Google Maps Urban Sacred Garden is a spiritual resource blog dedicated to bringing you bits of inspiration and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the grit, light and noise of the city we too easily lose connection with ourselves and each other. We can learn to reconnect to our core inner truth through eating good food, digging in the dirt, beginning eye-opening journeys, working in community circles, reading inspiring words, and creating a nest of sanctuary in our homes. Welcome to the garden....more

    Urban Science Adventures! (c)

    An Urban Ecology & Environmental Education Reference for young people. I post articles and links about urban ecology and wildlife primarily, but I also share information about science, health, and general information I hope appeals to young people and those of us who mentor/work with young people. ...more

    USA Love List

    USA Love List is a shopping & style site dedicated to celebrating the very best of American-made products....more

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