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    Vegan Munchies

    vegan munchies for all...more

    Vegan Sprout

    an adventure in plant-based cooking ...more


    Location Australia See map: Google Maps I'm passionate about being vegan and love sharing healthy and fun recipes!...more


    Vegetable Gardening For All

    Discover how to grow all types of vegetables in your garden. Whether you use raised beds or have a vegetable patch find out how you can grow delicious tasting vegetables in your garden....more

    Vegetarian Women Online Magazine's Blog

    Founded in 2004, Vegetarian Women Online Magazine offers support and resources to both longtime vegetarians and vegans, as well as those yet to make the switch to a diet free of animal flesh and slaughter by-products. We are further dedicated to promoting the creative, business, and charitable ventures of vegetarian women and environmentalists. ...more

    Vegetariat: Food, Permaculture and the Humor of Living

    Location Finch Frolic United States See map: Google Maps Vegetariat (vegetables + proletariat, not Secretariat!) is about vegetarian food, my permaculture and wildlife habitat garden Finch Frolic, organic vegetable growing and preserving, and especially about me bumbling through middle age and sharing a good chuckle with you all.  After all, permaculture, vegetarianism, great desserts and lots of laughter will save the world....more

    Veggie My Love

    Life goes by way too quickly. When you garden it forces you to slow down and appreciate the smallest things that nature offers. Veggie My Love is a place where you can relax and unwind, and enjoy the fresh foods, flowers, and the wonders of the world around you...and maybe have a good laugh at the same time. ...more

    Veggie Vixen

    Veggie Vixen is geared towards women, but can be useful for anyone.  It focuses on living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, by eating vegan, making your own natural beauty and household products, and other tips for living a more natural and holistic life :)...more

    Verbose Means I Ramble

    DolphynGyrl lives in the sweaty armpit of Sacramento, California with her (not legal) wife, Sweetpea. Together they are raising two children (MonkeySee and MonkeyDo), one dog (Teetums), two cats (Gimpy and SuperFat), and an assortment of fish. DolphynGyrl and SweetPea are both members of Monkey Do’s PTA Board, making the Board one-third gay. DolphynGyrl works for the government and has the Desk Jockey Spread to prove it. SweetPea works somewhere she gets to talk a lot and boss people around. ...more

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