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    "F" is For...

    Naturally, "F" is my favorite letter in the alphabet - with the initials FF, and my obsessions of food, fashion, and fitness, how could it not be? My friends know me as the girl who eats an insane amount of food (preferably meat), but is also dedicated to dragging her butt out of bed before a long day at the office to get in a good workout (currently addicted to lifting heavy things). I am the go-to person for a good restaurant recommendation because I have never steered anyone wrong, and I critique every meal like I am a judge on Food Network....more

    "Tri"ing for Pro

    Location Chicago United States See map: Google Maps "Tri"ing for pro is about my journey of trying to become a pro triathlete.  I write about the trials and triumphs through training, and racing, and balancing my social life, work, and being an athlete.  I love to review products, as well as share my stories when I travel for a race.  I love to share tips for keeping myself healthy and injury free, as well as what motivates me.  Not only in this journey, but in life, I want to inspire people to "go big or go home"....more

    2 Birds in a Cage

    I'm a new wife who like most women out there are trying to learn how to live in this world and thrive while doing it. Whether it's saving money, being crafty, learning how to be a better cook or just make ourselves better we could all use a little encouragement or advice. So let's share and grow from each other!...more

    24 In My Mind

    Over-40 chick who thinks she's still 24; honest, funny, irreverent.  Encouragement for the girls....more
  • 26.2 - Sneaker Stories

    A journal about marathon walking, Team In Training, and other random ideas. ...more

    I can't tell you how much I wished you were around this summer because I am HORRIBLE at ...more


    Two women in their 20's blogging about their quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon by the time they are 30. ...more

    30 Something Mother Runner

    A blog for all things running-related including training, motivation, nutrition and gear for both mother runners and non-mother runners. ...more

    4 All Outdoors is dedicated to all outdoor enthusiasts.  We strive to provide information for those who are active, want to be active, and are looking for information on different activities.  We feature gear reviews, how-to  and informational articles in a laid back and fun atmosphere.   Our publisher and most of our writers are women....more

    525,600 Minutes - A Year Without Facebook

    Once upon a time I worked for the local school district.  I would get home from work just before 4 and start dinner, get stuff under way for all my boys... though often times, Facebook would "call" to me and I'd realize shortly before they were all about to roll in, hungry, tired and needing stuff from mom - that Facebook had to go.  I gave it up twice.  Once for 3 months, the next time for about 2 months and then I was back at it...  Until last November (2011)....more

    60 Pounds 6 Haircuts

    How one big-hair-lovin'-Texas-turned-Los-Angeles-girl is going to lose 60 pounds, find herself, and rejoin 6 hair appointments or less ...more

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