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    Down In The Underground

    Down in the Underground is about my life as a wife, mother, student, and caver.  I write about the weird things that happen to me, and believe me when I say a lot of weird things happen to me.  I should have my own reality show....more

    Draft Day Suit

    All about sports. Steroid free since 2006! ...more

    Early Runner

    A blog about fitness, food, fun, and finding balance in life. ...more

    Earth, Wind, and Fire

    My blog is dedicated to health and fitness. I write about a lot of topics, all pertaining to healthy living. I am a runner, an aspiring yogi/yoga teacher, and I would like to promote healthy eating in a way that frees women from the confines of "diets" and this idea that we must never enjoy the food we eat in order to be thin....more

    Eat Drink Run Woman

    Musings from a Seattle personal chef with a fitness problem! ...more

    Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Hi! My name is Angela and I'm a 22-year old group fitness instructor with an enormous passion for living a healthy lifestyle. My blog focuses mainly on healthy recipes, fitness tips, and all-around healthy living....more


    Ti lives, works and plays in Fairbanks, Alaska and travels thousands of miles in every direction to climb, hike, kayak, run and photograph everything in sight. Somehow, she manages to juggle a day job, run a business, raise a ten year old and be owned by a beagle.  Born and raised in Alaska, she developed a sarcastic sense of humor and independent thinking early on- and enjoys sharing it with other likeminded folks. ...more

    Everyday Is Run Day

    I have been running since September 2010. I never thought I could be a runner and now it's something I can't imagine living without! I will be running my first marathon in November 2011 and hope to pursue ultrarunning beyond that. My philosophy on life is that no day should be wasted. Life is too short! So whether you get out for a run, a walk, a bike ride, heck, even a swim, the important thing iis to get out there and see what you're made of! Everyday can be run day!...more

    Everything Flows Onward

    Day to day, I do my best to live my own dharma. Feel free to follow me as I use the medium of yoga to learn a thing or two about life and  discover new ways express the divinity within. ...more

    Experimental Running

    Wife, mom, engineer, and runner. When I'm not hanging with the family or working in the lab, I'm running. My running career began in middle school with a few one mile races, graduated to 5K's on the high school and eventually the college cross-country teams. After becoming a mother, I decided to try my hand at marathons. I'm passionate about running, yet often find myself injured. I conduct my own little running experiments to determine how far and fast I can go before I break....more

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