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    Taylor Gifts Blog - Ideas and Products to Help in Everyday life

    Taylor Gifts has been in business since 1952.  In that time we have been providing unique gifts and other items that help to make life easier.  Our blog focuses on these items, how they work and other topics related to these areas.  Some of the topics that we focus on are, health and fitness, gardening, cooking, orgranization and much more. ...more

    Team Small Dog

    A Dog Agility blog that veers towards bitchy discussion about Santa Cruz County real estate, and inappropriate, catty chat about everything else that gets up this Small Dog team captain's craw. ...more

    Tennis Fixation - All About Ordinary Fun Tennis!

    Tennis Fixation is a blog about ordinary fun tennis - the kind real people play everyday.  We talk about tennis tips, strategies, tactics, fashion, equipment and matches.  Its for ladies at all levels who want to play the best tennis they can. ...more

    The 30 List

    Adventures of a Twenty-Something Approaching 30...trying to accomplish my "30 Things To Do Before 30 List" ...more

    The Barb Wire

    Explorations of the rare Barb horse, equine history, endurance riding, and horse training at In the Night Farm, Idaho. ...more

    The Black Belt and the Baby

    I'm a black belt in taekwondo and I'm also pregnant.  When my friends and family hear that I'm still practicing martial arts while pregnant, the reaction I get is usually "Are you CRAZY?"  Even some of the instructors at my school wonder what the heck I'm doing in class.   Martial arts is a traditional and sometimes macho environment....more

    The BlackBird Memoir

    I think I'm a genius, but what's one woman's opinion?...more

    the blowout (lit/fig)

    thanks, i've got a mirror, too. ...more

    the bottom of the ninth

    thoughts about family, life, food, sports and those moments when the game's on the line ...more

    The Cape Cod Woman

    My life year round on Cape Cod.  Food, family, fun....more

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