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    The Tippy Toe Diet

    Changing to a healthier eensy, teensy step at a time. ...more

    The Trophy Mom: Winning ideas for sports parents

    Location United States See map: Google Maps Sheparding your kids through sports should be part of the parenting Olympics. I blog about tips, tricks and commentary on how to stay sane and be successful as your support your junior athlete. First-hand insights injected with humor make the journey managable and might help you win a trophy for the best sports parent ever....more

    The Way Life Should Be

    Location Southern Maine United States See map: Google Maps I am a scientist, mom, wife and athlete living in Maine.  This blog is about my family, my training and life in general. ...more, Melissa's Blog is one of the first sites to treat women as legitimate football fans by offering real news, fantasy tips, features, education and interviews with A-listers.  Edited by former ESPN producer, Melissa Jacobs, the blog provides funny and insightful commentary about the NFL and all its hoopla....more

    TheGymCoach Blog

    TheGymCoach blog started in 2007, with a mission to provide helpful information and inspiration for regular gym go-ers. In my 30’s, I work full time and have a family too, so I know how hard it is to find the time and energy to workout. I hope that with whatever information, products, and tools you find from TheGymCoach, you can get and stay fit for life!...more


    TheLiquidBetsy-- "The Business of Life, One Swig at a Time." In my blog I draw from my interests. My experience in PR, entertainment (Film & TV,) technology strategy and new product development, business (MBA) and social media all play a part. As does my principal responsiblity-- herding three kids through life. I mainline design and all things media, especially questionable TV....more

    These Are Lean Times But I'm Still Hungry!

    The Adventures of a 40 something mother of two young boys juggling house, husband, kids, fitness, and eating right during a down economy while aiming to stay socially concious....more

    Things I have Learned

    Life after graduation. Plan A didn't go accordingly so it's plan lets see what happens. ...more

    This is Life in Austin

    A blog about things to do in Austin, Texas. ...more

    This Northern Life

    City girl living the good life way up north, without a Starbucks in sight. ...more

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