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  • C and R's Stanford Women's Basketball Blog

    Two basketball teammates who talk about the Stanford Women's Basetball games and women's sports issues, among other things. Anyone can list a box score and how many rebounds a player got. We write about the game from the fan's perspective. Just like you. Check it out at ...more

    You know, the season where Stanford was ranked number 2 in the country and only lost twice, both ...more


    C. Mom brings read­ers on a magic car­pet ride through the daily roller coaster of fam­ily, par­ent­ing, sanity, fitness, and rela­tion­ships.  Noth­ing is too per­sonal, espe­cially when it is hon­est and tells a story.  C. Mom tells it all:  the good, the bad, and the ugly. ...more


    I've seen a big chunk of the world. Mastered the subway system in New York, worked red carpets in Los Angeles, studied foreign policy in Europe....more

    Cafe Kel

    This is the new home to my blog of self discovery. I've been blogging for about 3 years and over that time it has taken a different turn. I've grown from looking at my relationships to looking at my own life and trying to decide what purpose I will have in the future. It's about self discovery thru discussion of most topics out there. ...more offers trip reports, photographs, and gear advice for exploring California‚Äôs parks and remote backcountry on foot. Based in Silicon Valley, is owned and written by Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd, a technology geek and backpacking addict. This site focuses primarily on backpacking, with a healthy dose of dayhiking, peak bagging, geocaching, photography, and miscellaneous other outdoor sports.  ...more

    Cambria Horsemanship: Radiance, Release, Renewal

    Horses are so full of beauty, yet most horsemanship is not, using pressure, bribes, and force. At least, it was for me. After years, I found a better way through "radiance, release, and renewal." Through radiance, you can finally stop "acting" like a horse trainer and start truly being one. Through release, you can stop using treats and pressure with your horse, utilizing pure release instead (imagine loosening -- not pulling on -- the reins to stop!). Through renewal, you can find how you and your horse were meant to be together....more

    Carolyn Ward: Telling Our Stories

    I write about the funny things my daughter says, our travels, sometimes recipes, coaching soccer and staying fit, scrapbooking, faith and lots more....more

    Certifiably Fit - Balancing Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Emotional Health

    A blog by a soon to be certified personal trainer about balancing physical fitness, nutrition, and emotional health....more

    Chai & Yoga

    A Seattle yogini's blog about yoga, yoga teacher training, health, vegetarian cooking, philosophy, and generally trying to make the most out of life. Get tips and inspiration for your yoga practice, healthy recipes, and the secret to authentic home-made Indian chai! ...more

    Chennai Focus A Tabloid on Chennai

    Location Chennai India This blog is a initiative of mine to explore the Chennai city of South India from the perspective of a traveler and a resident. Find information on the events on art, hobbies, adventure sports, places to visit, restaurants, health spa, fashion and current trends. You can be a expat or a chennai resident, the site provides meaningful and usable locally fed information...more

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