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    Daily Dose of Dani

    A blog that touches on a little about everything. ...more


    This is my online space for sharing many food inspirations and other creative inspirations as well (sometimes even the kids' inspirations) support every person who believes in "Healthfully Decadent" living, like I do. ...more

    Dance Advantage

    Giving students, teachers, and parents an edge in dance education Articles on technique, classroom management, parenting your dancer and more! ...more

    Danielle's Daily Fitness Journal 2010

    Danielle's Daily Fitness Journal 2010...more

    Dankinia's Demented Dialog

    Just a place where I ramble on about my life, my hobbies, and anything else that comes to mind. ...more

    DeBie Hive

    I write about anything and everything that happens on my journey through life as a woman, wife, and mom of four kids.  I am learning to navigate the world after losing my father recently too.  I speak my mind about the things that I see....good, bad or indifferent....more

    Deconstruct the Girl

    Welcome to Deconstruct the Girl, a lifestyle blog created in an effort to navigate the confusing waters of adulthood and reclaim some of the childlike wonder and introspection that can get lost as responsibilities creep in and bills need to be paid.  We live in a fast paced world, where other people’s expectations, long work hours and relationship obligations play so steadily in the back of ours minds that they can begin to define us.  The goal of this blog is to push the pause button on life and be able to evaluate the many parts of what makes us each unique.  ...more

    Dee Gets Fit! ...Sharing my journey to a healthier me.

    I am a twenty-something wife, mother of one, with a fast-paced career in business. In the past, I’ve not taken the time to focus on me, and my personal health and fitness. I am a habitual stress eater, an over eater and never took the time to exercise. I always had an excuse. ...more

    Die Bergziege

    My blog title is German, because I am German. I write about my "ride through life". That's meant literally. I ride bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. I even race them:D ...more


    This is the journey of Sarah Chapman.  At 35 years old, I found myself weighing 360 pounds. In my head I heard the old joke "I'm in shape, ROUND is a shape." I decided right then I would start changing my life. This blog is my journey....more

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