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    For the Love of Bikes~

      I love the simpleness and straightforwardness of riding a bike. I love the silence of the world when you are pedaling down the road. I love transporting myself under my own power. I love the uncomplicated mechanics of a bike.  I love the way I feel when I'm riding. Simply said, I love bikes. Which is where "For the Love of Bikes" began....more

    For The Love Of The Run

    Location United States See map: Google Maps  A marathoner- mid 30's mom of a few banters about running and how it builds, weakens, humbles, challenges and enhances many aspects of life.  If you think you can't, you're right- but if you'd like to try (not just running- anything!) just add perseverence, commitment, and determination (along with patience and time) and you will do it. If you're curious about how an unfit sedentary person can find strength and confidence and be in the very best shape in her life at age 36, read me!...more

    For Women who Love Football and Fantasy Football

    Welcome to  If you are reading this, it very well could be your first time to the site.  We wanted to take this opportunity to really introduce ourselves and our purpose. is designed to be a community for female football fans of all kinds.  And yes, we know there are so many different levels of fans out there.  Unlike the myriad Football 101 for Women type ventues, we don't assume you don't know a touchback when you see one.  But we're also not some Mensa-type football knowledge goddess society that is impossibl...more


    At ForeverFab I'm documenting my quest to fitness as well as other fit&fab inspirational stories....more

    Former Non-Runner

    Location United States See map: Google Maps I’m middle-of-the-pack runner, who started running at 30 for fitness and for fun. chronicles my adventures running in and around NYC.  ...more

    Frank's Beans

    At my soon-to-be former agency, they have many catch phrases.  "One Team, One Dream" and "Nothing is Impossible."As the economy soured, the agency adopted one more, "Winning Ugly Together."  The premise was that we would have to be scrappy and competitive and pull out all of the stops in order to win.  And this kind of winning might be quite ugly - late nights, aggressive maneuvering, etc. ...more

    Fresh Cracked Pepper

    With a fresh blend of food, fitness, and health writing, Jennifer Ward writes about life and eating as though the two were wed. Her blog offers creative ideas for health nuts, triathletes, and those who just love to eat. ...more

    From Londonderryroad

    I write about childhood memories growing up in the caribbean, my kids, sports, exercise, spouse, photography and my community...more

    FrozenPeaz - You Can't Do That With a Bag of Vegetables!

    Health tips. Natural remedies. Our runs and adventures. Injury prevention and treatment. Oh yeah - and we also write about the benefits of hot and cold therapy before (prehab) and after (rehab) injury. ...more

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