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    Gambits from Gail

    A gambit is a conversation starter—throw something out into the blogosphere and get people to respond, or at least think. My posts are varied, but my four most frequent labels are a telling description of my writing topics: Coastal Cravings: I live on the west coast and am drawn to the ocean. You'll get the local picture of my small, surf-crazy town. Fun: This is something fun I did. Maybe you'll do it too if I share it with you. Ponder Points: These are topics that I'm thinking about and, by God, I want to get these thoughts outta my head and off my chest. Travel: I love it when people share their "Off the Beaten Path" adventures with me, so I'm returning the favor. ...more

    Gameday Goodness

    Location Charleston, SC United States See map: Google Maps This blog began simply because I was looking for something that was never found.  A college sports blog by a woman, for women.  Not one that focuses solely on stats, or on one team or even on one sport.  I was looking for a blog that talked about the same things I love about college sports - things like the fans of perpetually losing programs filling the bleachers anyway.  Things like tailgating, game day fashion, family based activities and yes, the games themselves.  I love the stories of the players, the coaches and even the nobodies who make the whole thing happ...more

    Gazelles On Crack - one jog forward, two slow shuffling steps back

    So, yesterday was my first real Physical Therapy appointment. Real in the sense that we actually did something instead of looking at me being in pain. ...more


    The only blog totally dedicated to providing information about women's motorcycle gear. If you ride and you need gear, then you've come to the right place. ...more

    Genki Kitty

    Location USA United States See map: Google Maps Vegan food, exercise and learning to love myself are all three of my greatest weaknesses.  Hence, musings from these three things are what I reproduce in blog form on a daily basis.  It's all about being a foodie, learning to love running/exercise and redirecting myself former self into the fit person I am today....more

    Get Fit After 40

    A stay at home mother to three children, and caretaker to her grandmother journals daily about her weightloss efforts. Her good days and bad..Laugh and Cry with her during her Journey. She is half way there and is now fighting to come back and lose the rest of her weight after the loss of her grandfather this year. She's learning this year why she turned to food in the first place. She's learning her self worth. Will she do it? Can she get past this and lose the rest of the weight? Check her out! ...more

    Get Outdoors

    Get Regimental

    Free workout, health, diet, and motivation tips!  ...more

    Go Mommy Go!

    Location Houston, TX United States See map: Google Maps I'm a a full-time working Wife, Mom, sometime student, gastric bypass post-op and unlikely triathlete.  Having lost 165 lbs, I'm working to complete my transformation while on a journey to becoming an Ironman. I blog about my life, family, training, struggles and successes to complete 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running,  On some days getting through real-life is harder than training for an Ironman!  "Go Mommy go!" isn't just what I hear from the sidelines on race day... for me it's my daily life mantra!...more

    Go Workout Mom

    A blog for mothers to find time to make physical fitness a priority in their lives. By providing knowledge, tips and a personal journey, moms can gain support and motivation to live a fit life. ...more

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