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    Goal: Healthy Life

    I am on a quest to live a healthier life. Healthier means to me happiness with myself physically and emotionally, happiness in my professional life and happiness in my relationships. I am striving to be a better me! I am looking to make small changes in my life and trying to be more "present". It sounds so lame but I want to be the best "ME" I can be. I know I am better than what I have allowed myself to be. I am ready to make my 30's my best decade yet!...more

    Golfer Newbies...Golf for Beginners

    Information and tips for people who are new to playing golf. Includes information on techniques, rules, equipment, etiquette and much more....more

    Good Morning Pavones: News from Costa Rica

    News & info you can use for visiting, living or retiring in Costa Rica....more

    Goofball's World

    Welcome to my goofy world! ...more

    Greedy Girls Guide

    The guide to eating just enough when you know you want more. Articles, reviews, and insight on realistic changes you can make to your fitness and eating habits to help you live a healthier slimmer lifestyle. ...more

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