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    LA Juice- Fresh Squeezed Sass | No Pulp

    LA Juice writes your wrongs on the mean streets of Los Angeles. This blog is all about life in LA from an escaped Detroiter's bemused, humorous often inappropriate perspective. Stories about LA at its most sublimely absurd. Features include, bizarre LA in photos,  Celebrities riding in elevators, Kittens who Haiku, Books that don't suck and Living well in the land of the endless summer....more

    I play and love lacrosse. Box lacrosse, field lacrosse and masters. Yes, all three. I started playing at the youthful age of 34 and have joined a rep team now (yes, I am the youngest rookie ever). Check it out, there are all kinds of people joining this sport. This blog is only one from a series that cover off all areas of lacrosse. A few of us have decided to share our stories. ...more

    Lady At The Bat

    A baseball blog mostly about the New York Yankees...more

    Lady Loves Pinstripes

    Lake Placid Skater

    A blog about figure skating, speed skating, and related events in Lake Placid. Also includes photos, skating news, and occasionally fun bits of randomness. Written by a passionate figure skater/speed skater/athlete who lives in Lake Placid and enjoys writing about wonderful friends made on the journey and her many adventures! ...more

    Lauf(-) und Leckerei

    About the same time I was getting back into running, I realized I was taking too many pictures of food not to share them. To add to that, I'm still figuring out how to deal with the aftermath of brain surgery while studying abroad in Germany. Lauf(-) und Leckerei is a bit of each of those topics (and maybe more).  ...more

    Lazy Mom Runs

      I am a wife, mother and attorney. My blog is my personal story of my journey to get back into shape after failing to take time for myself after having three children.  The blog focuses mainly on my running journey and my journey to find the balance to be a good mom and athlete. ...more

    Leave The Man Alone

    An Atlanta-friendly sports blog written by a woman. Yes, there is pop culture. Yes, there is gossip. Yes, there is fashion. No, I don't care about man law. ...more

    Legally Goofy

    Legally Goofy documents my misadventures of training for several long distance races during my third year of law school....more

    Life and Horses

    This is a blog about life and horses, life with horses or just life and of course my horses. My life is changing now that I am heading on a new carreer path, a carreer in marketing, communication and sponsoring services in the equestrian world. Which way the wind will take me and my efforts will direct me, time will tell. In the meantime I am enjoying the journey. Horses are my passion. I learn a lot from them and can use these lessons in life in general. From learning patience, to communication to stepping over my own boundaries. They keep me young and challenge me.  ...more

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