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    Marathon Leap

    A non-runner begins with a giant leap into the world of the dreaded marathon. With one crushing experience (Chicago Marathon) and another that lead to an accomplished mission (Las Vegas Marathon) the question of whether or not she is a "runner" remains open as she continues on the path of a new (and totally different) leap ... motherhood. ...more

    Marci Crozier Official Blog

    Location Valparaiso, IN United States See map: Google Maps Marci Crozier was a popular contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser - Season 11. She was the first woman in BL history to reach her goal weight while still at the BL ranch.Marci's expertise in the fitness and weight loss industry was developed during her 28 years as the General Manager of a large, regional fitness facility in Indiana.She is a highly respected, engaging motivational speaker who has inspired sales teams, business professionals, and student athletes, as well as those individuals struggling with personal fitness and weight issues....more

    Marketing to Mat: Thoughts on Marketing, Pilates, and Other Seemingly Random Pursuits

    Marketing to Mat explores topics related to my dual professions - media marketing/brand strategist and Certified Pilates Trainer.  You never know what I'll write about next; but you can be sure it will be helpful, informative, entertaining, or all of the above! ...more

    Mature Landscaping

    Surveying the landscape of senioricity (I made that word up) with an eye to the foolishness of it all. Examining aging with dry Southern wit and a psychotherapist's insight.  Encouraging my sixty-something peers to experiment with vegan and vegetarian nutrition to promote sustainable agriculture and better senior health.  ...more

    Me, Myself and Aphrodite

    A fun place wher Aphrodite and Athena get along and everynow and then I get invited to join them for lunch!  Stop by ... maybe you can join us for a cocktail ... and if you're lucky, maybe Ares or Apollo will swing by too :-)...more

    Me, Myself, and Thurman

    I am young, broke, and in love with a first baseman in the Milwaukee Brewer's organization.  I'm dating him, and he's married to the game.  This is our story. ...more


    The adventures and misadventures of a Kansas City cyclist, plus links to fiun websites, pictures of stuff I thought was interesting, and tales from the punchbowl. I love riding bikes, taking pictures, and performing feats of interior demolition. I make clothes sometimes, make jewelry other times, and fend off two pesky cats continually. I hope you enjoy ...more

    Meggie*s Munchies

    GETTING HEALTHY & STRONG WITH CROSSFIT & PALEO Food is the most integral part of a person's life, no matter what race, religion or culture--everybody EATS! I made this blog to help me stay accountable to myself, to eat more naturally and be healthier in every aspect of my life. I've been doing Crossfit since March 2009 and totally LOVING it! I have recently adopted the Paleo or Primal way of eating--mostly meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds. Enjoy!! ♥ ...more - healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes for all

    Who says Vegetarian food has to boring? Why do Vegetarians have to miss out? Mel Bedggood is one vegetarian who does not! Try out her new healthy recipes whilst she journeys through weight loss! ...more

    Melinda Joy: Living, Laughing, Loving

    A little bit of everything - travel/restaurant reviews, book and music reviews, life stores, non profit blog posts, company promotions, recipe reviews and suggestions, cooking fiascos and successes, DIY home repairs and remodeling and more!...more

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