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    Mommy in Motion

    A blog I created in 2008 to help with motivation for diet and weight loss. Since then it has grown to include postings on general health and well being, fitness, menu planning, kid's nutrition and exercise, and a generally healthy lifestyle. ...more

    Mommy Meditations: Meditation and Support for New Mothers During Postpartum Recovery

    Support for women during postpartum recovery.  Our goal is to heal women through natural, effective means, including meditation and exercise....more

    Mommy on the Run

    I am a Christian, wife, mommy, runner and cook. This blog is dedicated to living healthy, balanced lives keeping Christ first! ...more

    Mommy's Losing It!

    trying to lose it and NOT lose it all at the same time!...more

    MommyB Knows Best

    Location Charlotte, NC United States See map: Google Maps MommyB is a multi-purpose family blogger with a twist. She's not a cut and paste reviewer, and sugar coating is really not her thing. Although using tact and professionalism are. Read for more information on how she raises two beautiful biracial girls, the tips and tricks she's learned along the way, honest reviews, and fun giveaways....more

    Moms Living Fit

    Moms Living Fit is a blog that gives great fitness tips, tips for healthy living, recipes, product reviews, contests and giveaways, and candid banter from a busy mom of 3!   ...more

    moms tri harder

    Location Glen Ellyn, IL United States See map: Google Maps Adventures in triathlon and Mommyhood.  I am a mother of 2 young kids who discovered triathlon and running 4 years ago. I love meeting people new to triathlon and running and also learning from experienced athletes. ...more

    MoonGoddess's Daily Struggle

    Just some random ramblings from the mind of a girl growing up on wishes and dreams. ...more

    Mother Runner

    A blog of running, mothering, living in New York City, and a mundane life teetering on the edge of excitement. Interesting recipes and thoughts on current media are tossed in as a bonus....more

    Mounting Everest

    A friend suggested we climb to Everest base camp...and I agreed. The who is me, with all my physical and emotional baggage. In August 2011, I climb to Everest, but I am climbing my internal Everest every day as I prepare....more

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