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    Movable Mom

    I am a regular Mom who decided to reclaim the inner hidden athlete and get some of my own “self” back. I started running on July 1, 2011 and surprisingly haven’t quit. This is my personal journey of how I continue to be more “movable“, mobile, fit, and healthy while still being the best mother I can be. If anything, I hope I can encourage other moms to make time for themselves, to break out, and get their mojo back. I'm currently training to run the full Carmel Marathon scheduled for April 20, 2013...more

    Mrs. Duffy's Marathon Blog

    A 34 year old adult-onset exerciser documents the traumas and travails of besting Katie Homes (5:30!) and Sarah Palin (3:59!). Oooohhhh.... I'm coming to get ya, Palin! ...more

    Ms. Fit Magazine: Real World Feminist Fitness

    Ms/ Fit Mag is a feminist, body-postiive, LGBTQ-friendly health and fitness 'zine for the real world....more

    Muscle And The City

    A women's health and fitness blog. Follow me as I channel my inner badass. :)  Right now I am recoverying from shoulder surgery fixing a labral tear that I recieved while training for a figure show. My workouts were pretty hardcore. I lifted heavy and ran hard. Everything from weights to MMA(mixed martial arts), to running...I did/do it all. I now realize that I am breakable so coming back from this major injury I'm likely to tone down a lot of what I do. Doesn't mean I'm quitting, or giving up....more

    My 27th Year

    On May 29, 2009, I turned 27. I’ve always been a big birthday person, but this was different. I had been waiting for my 27th year for as long as I had been able to comprehend the thought of ever being 27. I can’t explain why, it just seemed like a magic number. Not close enough to 30 to be painful and boring, but old enough to be established, to have life all figured out. Needless to say, I had high expectations for this year – but luckily, I also had major prospects. And so far, almost halfway into my 27th year, I have not been disappointed....more

    My Embodiment: Misadventures and Adventures of a Psychotherapist in Yoga School

    "My Embodiment" follows my journey of self-exploration as I begin a new life in a new state and delve into mind/body healing by entering into yoga school to become a yoga teacher.  As a psychotherapist for trauma survivors I want to do everything I can to help my clients create their own strengths and coping mechanisms and to help them find their own path to healing.  I believe passionately in the power of mind/body and holistic treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and issues of mental health.  My blog explores the adventure of attempting to bridge the gap ...more

    My Girls, My Hubby, and Me

    My blog about baking, kids, crafting, losing weight and living life....more

    My Heart's Content

    A  blog about a girl with a heart condition who happens to love running, cycling, being outdoors, being healthy and eating cake!...more

    My Journey to Black Belt

    Life of a student karateka in and out the dojo ...more

    My Life as a Trimommy

    The adventures, mishaps, and everything in between of a mommy who is also a triathlete (and so much more.) ...more

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