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    Naked Girl in a Dress

    My name is Kelly and I live outside of DC with my two kids. I am a mom, blogger, photographer, baseball fanatic, triathlete and, unfortunately, a part-time government contractor (kidding: love my paying job!). In 2008 I separated from my husband and I am now experiencing life as a single mom. It has been a sad, fun, exciting, crazy time. Of course I can say that now because I have successfully completed the mandatory time served crying on my sofa for 12 months....more

    Nascar Fashionistas

    This is the trial and tribulations of 3 Nascar junkies. Here you will find our input in the crazy sport of racing and a bit of our dry humor. ...more

    Need 4 Sheed

    A Detroit Pistons fan writing about Rasheed Wallace and the rest of the NBA. ...more

    Neither Here Nor There

    Location Americam Midwest United States See map: Google Maps I was never a particularly athletic kid.  My nose was usually stuck in a book.  But I had a fascination with the runners and triathletes that I would sometimes watch on TV.  I remember watching an Ironman race on NBC and thinking how amazing those people were and dreaming of being one of them. In the past few years I have realized that I will never be an elite athlete, but it does not mean that I can't train to participate in triathlons, marathons, and other races.  You don't have to be fast....more

    Never 2 Old 2 Tri

    The trials and tribulations of a 50 year old woman's journey from couch potato to endurance athlete...more

    Newlywed Girl

    This blog follows my life, my family and my journey to a healthy life. ...more

    Not Born to Run

    Yankee-born and bred, living and working in D.C. I ran/walked the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005. And then I ran it in 2006, shaving an hour off my time. I document my transition from my downward health spiral, to being the healthiest i've ever been in my life. ...more

    Now I Become Myself

    Personal 30 something blog about dating, fitness, career change, etc, etc....more

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