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    Samantha Alday Photography

    I photograph weddings as real life....documenting the unique stories that each of them are. My blog covers a multitude of subjects including my recent wedding and portrait work, my new journey (eh hem, struggle) as a runner, food and recipes, and my life as it happens with 1 husband, 2 teenagers, 2 dogs, and an attack cat named Zack. In the Photography 101 Category I teach you step by step photography tutorials on using your camera to it's fullest potential and becoming a better "Mom" photographer.  ...more

    Sandy's Run

    Join me on my adventure in running and good health. ...more

    Sarah Who?

    You will find these pages archived with entries documenting my journey toward motherhood and thoughts about pursuing it further, my yoga practice (Hatha yoga and acro-yoga) and yoga teacher training (in mid-2010). You might snag mentions of healing after the end of a too-long long-term relationship in ‘08 and other tidbits of my life....more

    Second Serve

    Location Silicon Valley, California United States See map: Google Maps Second Serve is a tennis blog, sort of. It's really about looking for my "second serve" at midlife. I love to play tennis, watch tennis and captain tennis teams. For me, tennis is a metaphor for life. Winning and losing on the tennis court parallels ups and downs we experience in business, social interactions and personal situations.  If you're a passionate recreational player, and you see connections between sports and life with family and friends, you're going to like Second Serve....more

    See Jane Run

    See Jane Run is a blog about an ordinary girl (me:Jane) and all of her running adventures. From training, to fitness, nutrition, and even coaching, I include not only personal stories but tips as well for new and interested runners.Currently topics tend to focus on health and fitness through pregnancy, as I run through my very first pregnancy.  Due date for my first little one is Aug 8....more

    See Mom Sweat

    Location Minneapolis, MN United States See map: Google Maps See Mom Sweat is a blog about the challenges and rewards of living life as a fit mom. It's about connecting with like minded women who, regardless of their fitness level, are willing to work at being strong--both physically and mentally. It's not always easy; there are times we have to push harder and times we have to let go. Knowing both scenarios are okay is what keeps us sane. I've been an endurance athlete for over 10 years, but I know mothering is the biggest (and best) endurance event there is....more

    Self Symmetry - Find Balance

    This will be my first blog post on Blogher.  I'm new to the whole blog world, so wish me luck!  I've had a blog on my website for about a month now and love doing it.  Love it!  I am excited to be a part of this community, and look forward to posting and commenting!!   ...more

    Serenity's Giveaways!

    Welcome BlogHer Community!  Serenity's Giveaways is a place where we can Discover, Learn, Love and Share Goodies!  We want to discover new, fun, economical, efficient, green, frugal, yummy tasting, fun, homemade,  natural items and advice to learn about and share with all my lovely readers!...more

    Sher's Corner

    a thoughtful spot about balanced living for the mind, body, and soul ...more

    Shrinking the Booty

    A blog following my (mainly unsuccessful) life as a dieter...more

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