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    The Year of Shopping Detox

    The continuing adventures of a recovering shopaholic....more

    Thirty Six Months

    Thirty Six Months is where we discuss fashion, tech, style, and frugality all under a personal finance theme....more

    Thrifty and Frugal by Debbie

    Thrifty and Frugal is where I share the deals and steals that I find, as well as links to printable coupons, free stuff found on the web, tips on using coupons and setting up a coupon binder, and tips, posts, etc. about saving money and being thrifty and/or frugal.  I put my own personal flare on my posts, which usually include my thoughts on the subject matter.  You can follow my blog, grab my blog's button to post on your own, and you can subscribe to Thrifty and Frugal's emails to get the news right in your email.  Thrifty and Frugal is now on Facebook....more

    Time is Money Mommy

    Location San Diego, CA United States See map: Google Maps I'm a San Diego working mom, with two young kids. Time is money. I try to find more of both, so I can enjoy life with my family and friends. My blog offers tips for saving money without wasting time. I also love to hear tips from readers and enjoy sharing stories of my family’s life....more

    Tips to a Frugalicious Life

    Tips to a Frugalicious Life! ...more

    Twin Cities Frugal Mom

    I’m a very money-conscious mom living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area with my husband and two young kids, Heidi and Thor. I am always seeking great deals and better, affordable ways of enjoying life with my family. I created this site to share with other moms what I find – and talk about frugal living as well as life as a mom (which I know can be both chaotic and fulfilling at the same time!)!...more

    Two Boys Four Cats No Dogs Yet

    Location United States See map: Google Maps I was widowed in early 2010, but I'm slowly learning what normal means while trying to keep up with my family, which includes my sons Agent 96 (14) and Agent 98 (13); our cats Ada, Pixel, Scruffy & Momo; and Mr. T, the box turtle. And that dog I swore I wouldn't get until they make one that doesn't poop or smell when it gets wet? Her name's Zoet. She poops a lot. And smells really bad....more

    Ultimate Money Blog

    Save your money, pay off debt, and make money online. Follow my journey to become debt free and save more money. ...more

    Under The Georgia Sun

    Jodi's space to share faith, family, crafting and everything else Under the Georgia Sun!...more

    Unrestricted: My NASCAR Rants & Raves

    A very opinionated, passionate, diehard Nascar fan, who's not afraid to speak her mind. ...more

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