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    Daily Coupon Adventures

    Location Los Angeles, CA United States See map: Google Maps Daily Coupon Adventures gives daily updates on all the best deals, coupons and discounts at major grocery, drugstore and superstore chains throughout the U.S.  I like to find the best deals to save you money!...more

    DazzlinDonna - Making A Living Online

    Location My home base United States See map: Google Maps The DazzlinDonna blog is my outlet for sharing what I do as I make a living online. The posts are sometimes technical in nature, as I describe how to accomplish certain tasks, such as converting a static HTML site over to a WordPress site. Sometimes they are marketing related, as I explain various ways to promote sites and generate buzz and drive traffic. Sometimes, the posts are focused on money - how to make more of it or how to spend less of it. Whether I'm leaning towards tech speak or marketing chatter, I'm always moving towards the same...more


    A budget conscious mom blogs about entertainment, technology, travel, home & garden, recipes, crafts, parenting, products and, of course, saving money....more

    Debt Free By Thirty

    Trying to find our way to financial independence.  ...more

    Debt Free Mom

    A blog about a mom's journey to become debt free using the debt snowball method....more

    Debt Free Spending

    Debt Free Spending is a blog dedicated to helping visitors save money to pay down debt.  We provide coupon updates, deal match-ups, freebies, etc., while also providing debt free living content.  We have a Finanical Advisor that regularly guest posts, and several other Finance majors who provide guest posts.  We also have a weekly giveaway, and focus on various lifestyle posts, such as recipes, crafts, etc. in amongst the finance posts....more

    Deconstruct the Girl

    Welcome to Deconstruct the Girl, a lifestyle blog created in an effort to navigate the confusing waters of adulthood and reclaim some of the childlike wonder and introspection that can get lost as responsibilities creep in and bills need to be paid.  We live in a fast paced world, where other people‚Äôs expectations, long work hours and relationship obligations play so steadily in the back of ours minds that they can begin to define us.  The goal of this blog is to push the pause button on life and be able to evaluate the many parts of what makes us each unique.  ...more

    Diva In Debt

    This blog is my story of vanquishing debt, becoming successful financially and living a marvelous and fulfilling life!...more

    Do It Yourself Or Not

    The cost of home decorating, repair and remodeling projects with a comparison of the cost of doing it yourself vs. hiring a contractor....more

    Do You Come with the Car?

    An anonymous auto show model dishes about what really goes on behind the scenes, our interactions with visitors and what you need to know about how to behave in public. Hint: Don't touch me....more

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