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    Life of A Suthurn Princess - one reality at a time

    My blog is about my life, my struggles (dealing with infertility, advocating for sexual abouse and rape survivors, dealing with the loss of my (late) husband), d.i.y projects, becoming a step parent to 8 children, and a whole lot more....more

    Lil Noodle Bug

    Hi. I am Courtney!  The 3 most important people in my life are my hubby and 2 wonderful kiddos. I consider myself a spiritual person and try every day to be the best person I can possibly be.  The only thing I drink other than water is Dr....more


    This blog is about life happenings.  Sometimes a topic concerns something that personally involves me, and at other times, I may write about a topic for which I simply have an opinion or questions. ...more

    Live Better. Live Wholly.*

    Location Baton Rouge, LA United States See map: Google Maps Natural. Frugal. Spiritual. I am chronicling my life as I embark on diy home projects, experiement with natural home remedies, and attempt to eat more wholesome foods.  These topics are tied to trying to living more frugally and how that frugality relates to my faith. ...more

    Living on the Cheap

    Living on the Cheap offers smart advice on living well on less. It's written by a collective of 20-plus women, most of whom publish local On the Cheap blogs in their hometowns....more

    Lost and Forgotten

    Location Minnesota United States See map: Google Maps Lost (my sanity) and Forgotten (my life before kids). Navigating thru the bumpy road of motherhood with a little humor, some sass and a lot of complaining. Often at work wishing I was home or at home wishing I was at work. Trying to keep two crazy dogs, two spunky children, one husband and one dirty house under control, vaguely....more

    love my smart car

    love my smart car chronicles the adventures of Rachel Nabors, first-time car buyer, and her new smart car. Filled with travel tips, thoughts about the smart car in America, road trip soundtracks, and more! ...more

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