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    The Mrs

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Housewifery, cheapskatery and butter. Sometimes even on bread.Home of The $34.27 Challenge, Project Grocery and 200 (Non-Contiguous) Days of Bread....more

    The Musing of an AutoGirl

    Many folks have a love / hate relationship with their cars. This AutoGirl mostly loves the automotive industry and has the inside scoop. This Blog is part educational and partly the rambling of Amy's favorite subject.... cars. ...more

    The Prudent Patron

    The Prudent Patron shows you how to shop smarter with store sales, coupons, freebies and more! I am dedicated to saving you money!...more

    The Ripples Affect

    A blog about personal finance, healthy budget cooking, frugal travel, and raising money-smart happy children....more

    The Sassy Classy Cowgirl

    Keepin' it real, a little sassy, and of course classy. Living life on a working ranch in the South with five kids, cattle, horses, and chickens (75,000 of them) creates a lot of experiences. Who knows what all I will share in this blog...a little of this and a little of that. Come shoot the breeze with me....more

    The Single Saver

    The Single Saver is a a website which offers simple and practicle money-saving tips for singles and small families.  It's main feature is a 'Tip of the Day,' which is updated daily.  The site also features a blog and a discussion forum.  Anyone who is interesting in saving money is welcome to visit and participate.  Please join us! ...more

    The Upscale Vagabond

    The Upscale Vagabond is the story of my journey from upper middle class daughter to well-to-do wife to broke divorcee. This is a look at what happens when homelessness meets the middle class. Fortunately, it is a light-hearted account of the events that took me down and the struggle to get back up. I’m glad to say I made it off of public assistance and back into the middle class. Now, I document the struggles of other homeless New Yorkers (mainly through photography and video) on Facebook and Twitter....more

    The Year of Shopping Detox

    The continuing adventures of a recovering shopaholic....more

    Thirty Six Months

    Thirty Six Months is where we discuss fashion, tech, style, and frugality all under a personal finance theme....more

    Thrifty and Frugal by Debbie

    Thrifty and Frugal is where I share the deals and steals that I find, as well as links to printable coupons, free stuff found on the web, tips on using coupons and setting up a coupon binder, and tips, posts, etc. about saving money and being thrifty and/or frugal.  I put my own personal flare on my posts, which usually include my thoughts on the subject matter.  You can follow my blog, grab my blog's button to post on your own, and you can subscribe to Thrifty and Frugal's emails to get the news right in your email.  Thrifty and Frugal is now on Facebook....more

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