Bird On A Wire~Ramblings of THE Dot Mom Mogul

    Overeducated, unappreciated, married, mother of one son (my hero), step-mother to one gorgeous (literally) daughter. My son is married to a great woman and they have two wonderful kids. (Yep, that makes me a grandmother! Hey, I worked for these grey hairs!) I’ve worked in the airline industry, the hospitality industry and a few others along the way. Lately, I’ve had a few senior moments, and more than a few how did I get here moments. Life takes funny twists and turns. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. This site is a compilation of my personal ...more


    My blog about living abroad and just living!I'm a transplant in Asia who started a blog to keep up with the folks at home, and kept writing because it just feels good! It's all about being an international, African-american, single woman who is looking to find out where she belongs. Travel with me if you feel like it. You'll enjoy the ride!...more
  • Eternal Lizdom

    Just a glimpse into my life and what makes me tick.  I talk about cooking, kid friendly activities, my goals of gentle discipline (and struggles), my friends, my passions.  Sometimes I share insights gained from church, insights from life experiences, and sometimes just random things that pop up! ...more

    Why is it so hard to describe my own blog??


    It's funny, it's touching.  ...more

    House of Day

    This is a blog of my journey to discovery authenticity.  After turning 30 I've been trying to overcome 30 years of pleasing people and demanding perfection from myself.  No more!  Now it's time to finally figure out what I actually think about so many things. ...more

    La Bonne Vie - House of Brodt

    La Bonne Vie! The Good Life at the House of Brodt that is, it's not just a house, it's a home. Our family blog where I document my personal account of life in our home including our ups and downs and everything in between and perhaps even some little random bits of this and that too! Please do come and visit sometime, we welcome your company!...more

    LadyJava's Lounge

    A blog about life, love, passion, hobbies, and special events. Also covers fun blogging tips, make money online and blog makeovers and Music Monday ...more
  • Ramblings of an Empty Mind

    I started this blog because it came with the website I use for my class.  For the better part of a year it sat almost empty, until a few months ago.  I decided to challenge myself, if I am asking my students to write, really shouldn't I be doing the same.  I better understand the concept, the more your write the easier it gets! ...more

    When looking for oneself it is very helpful to look in the right location.  I, having looked ...more

    Travelling by Turtle

    A heartfelt blog documenting my thoughts, feelings and experiences of travel, culture, creative writing, student life, family, friends, spirituality and life. ...more

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