I'm NOT A FAN of morning or most other daylight hours. I prefer vanilla to chocolate, red wine to white, and invoke my right to take to my bed, as needed. I have children, a husband, and pets. Welcome to me.  ...more

    Life With My 3 Boybarians

    Boys, books, blogging and photography. Life With My 3 Boybarians features the photography and writing of a former city girl now in the sticks. Follow our journey from very fragile beginnings to the hilarious day to day havoc that my boybarians create. ...more

    Monkey Thoughts

    One woman's random musings, vents, frustrations, and observations as she see them. Topics range from story-telling, zombies, geek-culture, phobias, alcohol, pop culture, movies, and that guy who cut her off earlier today. ...more

    Someone Will Buy It - Products and Promotions that leave you wondering ... why?

    Whether it is the infomercial for the "Potty Patch" or the thirty second late night commercial for the "Yodeling Pickle" you've seen them. Commercials that try to entice you to buy something so fabulously wonderful you could never imagine life without it...or maybe you can... ...more
  • Suburban Turmoil

    What do you get when you combine a two-year-old daughter, 15 and 12-year-old stepdaughters, an alpha male husband, a braying beagle, a shitload of annoying neighbors and a 30-year-old woman trying to make them all happy and look damn good in the process? You get Suburban Turmoil. Duh. Actual reader comment: "I can't BELIEVE Suburban Turmoil won [the Best of Blogs Mommy Blogger award]. It just goes to show you what these contests are looking for. That site scares me into hiding in my room. I need my blankie." I'd love to scare you, too. Do stop by. ...more

    This is one of my favorite blogs!  Lindsay has a fun, easy way of describing everyday life as a ...more

    With Love, From The Mother Hood

    The good, bad, beautiful and ugly of life, raising five kids, autism and staying happily married through it all...more

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