A Lot of Loves

    I've recently started up a new blog called "A Lot of Loves" It was named for something my son said to me recently - as in he has "a lot of loves". I'd love to know what you think about it. A Lot of Loves - Tales of a mom, her two kids, and one husband ...more

    Besserina ~ Confesssions of a Self Proclaimed Domestic Goddess

    A Grocery Store Tale This is a tale of a crazy woman (me) who takes her four small children to the grocery store. Part One - Peeping Tom ...more
  • Eternal Lizdom

    Just a glimpse into my life and what makes me tick.  I talk about cooking, kid friendly activities, my goals of gentle discipline (and struggles), my friends, my passions.  Sometimes I share insights gained from church, insights from life experiences, and sometimes just random things that pop up! ...more

    Why is it so hard to describe my own blog??


    It's funny, it's touching.  ...more - Insider Guide to Kid Friendly Fun in Vermont

    FindandGoSeek is parent's trusted source in northern Vermont. With fresh ideas everyday, we keep you in the know with weekend events, after-school activities, camps, festivals, story times and so much more. From teens to tots, we have something for everyone. ...more

    I'm a mother to 3 kids under 4 and determined to lose the baby weight, the freshman 15 and whatever other weight I've picked up along the way. After my 3rd baby, I was disgusted and horrified to find I fell into the "obese" category! This blog chronicles my activity, menus, products, recipes and personal anecdotes - both the joy and frustration of getting healthy. Please Join me on my journey....more

    Saddle Scoop

    My blog is the journey I have taken into becoming a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and the everyday stories from the barn.  I teach children and adults with special needs how to ride a horse.  Through this, comes a vast number of therapeutic benefits that can help so many children with Cerebral Palsey, ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome and a host of other physical and cognitive disabilities....more

    The World According to the DeLucas

    I like to write about what I know - my kids, motherhood, favorite books and life in general. I write for myself, memories are very important to me. ...more

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