Learn at Every Turn: Creative, Enriched Homeschooling

    We are the Peters family. I'm Annie, an inactive lawyer who spends my days homeschooling my three sons, running a computer company with my engineer spouse, and pursuing my own artistic endeavors. We homeschool through a public charter, and our style is eclectic and secular. Our hope is to continually provide the boys with the most enriched, intellectually engaging environment possible so they find the same passion and curiosity for learning that we have. This blog is a record our journey. ...more

    Red Mongoose - Art School Girl

    An art student, too cynical to be a "real artist," I like to write about the art world and my experiences within.I specialize in digital painting and Photoshop, and love digital 3D, traditional sculpture, drawing, painting, and everything else. I like to share her creations in this blog, whether they're inspired or just silly.Money is made doing photo repair and glamour retouches (the kind everyone hates), despite my love for gritty, rough beauty.I'm a huge geek, as well, and I like to dabble in world creation, text games, and lots and lots of video games....more

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