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    I know that reading a blog satisfies the voyeur in us. Writing it satisfies the exhibitionist in me. I feel that I throw a bottle in the sea every time I write something. I hope it will touch someone. I have a cat, I live with my boyfriend, I am unioned. I don't have kids (yet), no car, no TV, no Ipod, no radio. I love TV series on DVD or online, coffee, dark chocolate, grocery shopping relaxes me, I am a magazine junkie and I love pilates and zumba.I am told I am simple and complicated at the same time....more

    Work Experience

    Helps the college and seasoned job seeker via great links, important articles, and informative resources to enhance job search. This blog provides information not seen on many other career/job search blogs. Just a few of the many topics discussed: MLM's, Age Discrimination, Recruiters, Employers and much more. ...more

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