Besserina ~ Confesssions of a Self Proclaimed Domestic Goddess

    A Grocery Store Tale This is a tale of a crazy woman (me) who takes her four small children to the grocery store. Part One - Peeping Tom ...more

    Joogle Favs, Finds and Sorts

    I was given the name Joogle because I find random items and send the links to my family and friends. Just like their own personal Google. Becoming a mother has only broadened my shopaholic tendencies to include all things baby. When I know of something I want, I find it and at the best price. What are you looking for?...more

    La Bonne Vie - House of Brodt

    La Bonne Vie! The Good Life at the House of Brodt that is, it's not just a house, it's a home. Our family blog where I document my personal account of life in our home including our ups and downs and everything in between and perhaps even some little random bits of this and that too! Please do come and visit sometime, we welcome your company!...more

    Player to be Named Later

    From "What have we done?" to "What now?" life with identical twin boys. ...more

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