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    A Bookish Beemer

    A BookishBeemer is a feminist, progressive blog written by a college student in a conservative state. I comment on current events and commentary, write about the importance of the everyday and its relevance to politics, and the need for intersectionality. I also write about my journey and experiences as a feminist, and as a progressive in a conservative state....more

    A Boomer Girl's Guide

    Location Atlanta, GA United States See map: Google Maps I've been looking for a guide that will help me happily move through this phase of my life.  I haven't found any that really work for me so I decided to create my own.  Join me as I contemplate getting older while staying healthy, happy and having the life that fits me right now....more

    A Box of Chocolates

    In my blog I share the sweet, the mediocre, and the just plain awful experiences from the box of chocolates, that is my life. I often share the day to day adventures of my life as an elementary school teacher, mom to two adorable (if I do say so myself) kids, and wife to one amazing guy. I try to live each day to its fullest and this often means lots of juggling. So come over and help yourself to a sample of my box of chocolates! ...more

    A Breezy Life- The life, laughter, and loves of a thirty-something

    Breezy is a thirty-something wife, sister, daughter, and friend. She's still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. In the meantime, she's the Nanny of the two cutest kids in Cherry Hill! She likes to sing anything that can be sung, read anything that can be read, write anything that can be written, and Google anything that can be...uh...Googled. On July 4th, 2008, Breezy put on a giant white dress and married Pete, the man of her dreams and the sexiest fireman in all of the world! ...more

    A Bubbly Life

    I am a new Mom, attempting to pretty up my space, cook delicious food, loves red wine & bubbly & wearing pretty shoes that make my feet hurt.  I discuss Mommyhood, Design/DIY, Foodie, Fashion, & Bubbly Inspiration ! It is quite a mix, but who says Moms can't have it all??...more

    A Bumbleful Life

    Location Portugal This is Po-Yi Liu's personal blog where she covers a breadth of subjects, such as travelling, lifestyle, beauty, culture, history, and sometimes, her own rants....more

    A Buns Life

    I'm a working (genetic research) mom of 2 (bun #1 is 5 and bun#2 is 3) and wife to a great hubby and we have two dogs thrown into the mix as well, a siberian husky and golden retriever. I work from home a couple days a week and go into the office/lab as well. I am winging this thing called parenthood (just like everyone else) and trying to not mess my kids up too much in the process. My husband and 100lb golden snore and my kids are awake by 6:30 AM, so it is best to not talk to me until I have had a shower and a cup of coffee. ...more

    A Busy Mom's Ramblings

    A Cajun Down Under

    Stories of a Louisiana Girl living in Sydney Australia...more

    A Caricature of Life

    trying to find comfort by blogging my thoughts before being consumed fully by my emotions!...more

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