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    A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

    The near-daily soapboxy discourses of a domestic deity in the making, as she tries to escape the Samsara of dirty dishes or whatever chaos the family left behind. ...more

    A Dare A Day

    A personal enrichment blog daring readers to take action to improve their lives.  ...more

    A Dating Confessional

    Hello!  New kid on the block and I'm just scuffing around getting a feel for the place.  Seems pretty cool!  I think I'll stick around.  ...more

    a day in my dominican life...

    what it's like being an educated 20-something, american mom in a third-world, carribean island society... ...more

    A Day in My NYC

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps Where New York City runs on my timetable. Being a New Yorker means you are always on the go and doing two or more things at once. I pride myself on this and more importantly on getting things done. All the while enjoying my life to the fullest. This blog chronicles my adventures in life, weight loss, dating, football, family, friends and of course my beloved city.  ...more

    A Day In The Life

    Location Texas United States See map: Google Maps I live with four small peeps who call me mom and one big guy who calls me babe. I gave up a life in education to change poopy diapers, pack lunches, kiss boo-boos, cook, clean (okay not really), and do endless loads of laundry. I have a fantasy that I am a famous writer who started with just a blog. I read comments like they are juicy romance novels and I want to kiss my followers (figuratively, not literally)....more

    A Day in The Life

    I started blogging in November 2006. I don't blog about anything in particular, just whatever I'm thinking about on any given day. Mostly recently, though, I've started blogging about my miscarriage in July of 2006. I've made many new friends through this & I'd like to meet many more. ...more

    A Day In The Life

    The ramblings and musings of a 20-something female in the middle of the prairies right smack in the center of the easiest province to draw on the Canadian map. Simply put there's a lot of life: learning and love combined with books (I'm an English major), music (with a fanatical addiction to music), concerts (who prefers live concerts to television or DVDs) and friendship (with the best group of friends - in life and on the web) with the occasional deep thought or pondering thrown in. My blog is often a reflection of my current thought processes in a more literary form - so the thoughts are often all over the place ...more
  • A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

    When my husband told me we were moving to Europe for the 2009 - 2010 hockey season, I nearly lost it. That's no secret, if you've kept up with this blog.   Once I was over the initial shock, I began to scour the internet for anything that might help me figure out what the hell I was doing. What do I need to pack? How should I pack? How do I pack for my infant?...more
    Moving can be tough, especially if you are moving to a different country. I helped my ...more

    A day in the life of a monster baby

    Carter's blog was made to tell the story of a baby born 11 wks premature who grew to be the little monster baby he is today. We hope to inspire those going through the rollercoaster NICU ride and entertain you as you go on the adventure of a day in the life of a monster baby :) ...more

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