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    A day in the life of a monster baby

    Carter's blog was made to tell the story of a baby born 11 wks premature who grew to be the little monster baby he is today. We hope to inspire those going through the rollercoaster NICU ride and entertain you as you go on the adventure of a day in the life of a monster baby :) ...more

    A Day in the Life of Lily

    I'm a philosopher by trade ("I wentl the way" in school, as Richard Gere's character says in Pretty Woman; in other words, I have a PhD in Philosophy) and a counselor in training. I take a few things to heart and live out these things with utter seriousness: deepening my relationship with God; and, as a result, being radically transformed in His image. Ministering and looking out for others is equally as important to me, whether through fulfilling basic needs (such as taking someone grocery shopping or providing a meal) or some other capacity....more

    A Day in the Life of Mrs. Glass

    The ramblings of a Stay-at-home mom on my journey through motherhood with an adventurous toddler. ...more

    A Deaf Mom Shares Her World

    Welcome to my world! I'm a deaf mom of three deaf and hard of hearing kiddos. Here's a peek into my world. ...more

    A Desert Quilter

    This is my blog where I share all that inspires me. I create but I love to inspire creation too....more

    A Design So Vast

    Happy Fourth! The parade was its usual motley self - both under- and overwhelming at the same time. The WW2 veterans made me cry, as usual, with their proud, dwindling presence. The children adored it, from the firetrucks to the flags to the candy thrown at them. We had assorted family and friends gathered in our front yard (one of the perks of living on Main Street is that the parade literally comes right by our house) drinking coffee and milling around. ...more

    a Diamond from the Rough

    a diamond in the rough

    the sometimes coherent ramblings, ponderings and vents of an artist, dreamer, jeweler, dancer, writer, almost 30, almost mentally stable, almost there, almost ex-pat, living in an almost parad[ox]ise ...more

    A Diet Coke-Fueled Life

    In which a girl (more than 41 but less than 43 years old) who can't focus gets it all done: university instructor, writer, pastry chef, Mary Kay consultant, mom, crazy aunt, friend, divorcee (rhymes with "Yay!"), MS-battler--all fueled by the sweet brown poison itself--Diet Coke. Wheee! ...more

    A Different Kind of Southern

    Location Auckland, New Zealand United States See map: Google Maps I'm a newlywed living in a new country. My husband Adam and I moved to Auckland, New Zealand from Atlanta, Georgia in December of 2011. We brought our dog Thurston along for the ride. This is a blog about our big adventure....more

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