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    A Little Big Apple

    A blog about the lil' things in New York City,through the eyes of a thirty something, new New Yorker. Whether it's photography, food, things to do, places to go, neighbourhood tours or just general unsolicited advice, it is a little bit of the big apple for you. Dedicated to new New Yorkers and wanna-be New Yorkers everywhere, from an Australian living here.  ...more
  • Life Ain’t For Sissies

    IDEAS FROM PSYCHOLOGY THAT MAKE LIFE BETTER Most posts are observations, fueled by my life and work as a clinical psychologist, teacher, and writer. My interest in  identity, creativity, transitions, loss, relationships, midlife and becoming a clinician will show up in my posts regularly. ...more
    you could do a thesis on my life, I have considered bein a psychologist just for the meere fact ...more

    "Classy & Fabulous

    In this blog, I write about my life as a twenty-something Southern Belle! ...more

    "DAGNY" A Memoir of My Mother's Life

    My mother, Dagny, used to say, "I was born the same day as an Olympian skater, and the same year the Titanic sunk (1912). Hope it's not a sign.” It was. But in spite of the highs and lows that Dagny experienced, including becoming a step mother to 5 children at the age of 24 and marrying a man twice her age, she managed to find humor in almost everything. When I came along a few years later, we shared many joys and tears. Together we found a way to survive the ultimate sorrow for a mother or grandmother—the death of a child. There are laughs and tears in this memoir as well....more


      Our happiness lies within us......more
  • "If You're not ashamed to think it, You should not be afraid to say it"

    This is just random inputs from me about my life and how I feel about subjects. My attempt to find faith and be faithful. ...more
    It is all about being your Authentic Self!!more
  • "It's Always Something..." Stories of my pets, patients and adventures

    The Harlan Chronicles 1 Harlan ...more
    I want to write a nice note but I'm crying too hard. Lovely story.more

    "It's Daddies. Plural."

    We are Paul & Chris... and we became Daddies (yes, plural) of Kensington Grace on 12/25/2008. This blog is about two dads, gay adoption and life with our princess. You can also find great resources on adoption portfolios / profiles, gay fatherhood, gay marriage, politics, and other items that cross our paths. ...more
  • "Life, the Universe, and Everything"

    The portrait of a grad student. Where I share the joys and stresses of my progress through my program. ...more

    Sarah Hammond



    I'm a Mommalicious Mommy of 2 beautiful boys and married to one handsome guy. I love motherhood and wifehood, but I don't let it consume me so much that I lose myself in the process of raising my boys, maintaining a household and caring for my husband. I love to eat healthy and workout to maintain a figure any girl (even the childless ones) could be proud of, I love dressing up and keeping up with fashion trends (sweatpants are for workouts and pjs!), I love skincare and beauty products and most importantly, I love finding time to be with friends and have a life outside of motherhood....more

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