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    ... and hijinks ensued.

    Random babblings from my world-- I like to pretend that people want to know what goes on in my head. ...more

    ... But I Digress

    I write about my daily activities - trying to become more active and healthy.  I post videos of songs that move and interest me.  I post poetry that I've written, quotes that I've found.  I ramble on about various topics that strike my fancy and random things that pop into my head.  I have an "Art Gallery" page featuring creativity that I appreciate, in all forms. Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy.  I enjoy posting....more

    ...And the Saga Continues...

    Quirky, crispy mom and wife writes about her own meandering experiences while growing up.   ...more

    ...etc: glimpses into a life

    Glimpses into the life of a twenty-something navigating her way in the world through heartbreak, multiple jobs, and her everyday from Lake Tahoe via Archbold, Ohio; exploring how the events of her life have shaped her and her view of the world. ...more

    ...put on your comfy pants and join me!

    I'm pretty certain everyone has them…that pair of pants that at the end of the day loves you even if you feel like no one else does. Their forgiving, soft, warm and accepting. When you climb into them, all the world melts away. Most of my hope for this blog is that you open it and get the same feeling you do when you put your comfy pants on….encouraged, accepted, forgiven and comforted. You’ll find on some days my Dad’s side of me will come out and I’ll have some practical tips for living well…and frugally. ...more


    the ramblings of rinnie. 19. education university student. living on campus. enjoying the best years of her life with amazing friends and a fantastic family!! ...more

    ...The Psychic Sounds Off......on various issues - about politics, homeschooling, the Family Rights Movement, etc....

    ...on various issues - about politics, homeschooling, the Family Rights Movement, etc.......more
  • ..And the Adventure Continues

    ...And the Adventure Continues is my little spot here on the interwebs. The name came about with a conversation I had with a friend of mine. In my life, the adventures never stop. Be it: A deployment, life with twins, living in Europe, and just plain surviving the day to day. In our conversation, an even had happened and his only response was "and your adventure continues!" and the name stuck.My life is an adventure. I am an army wife. My husband Mathew is a combat medic (AKA 68W)....more
    Was trying to leave a comment on your blog but didnt work!more

    .51 - Geekspace For Women

    “.51- Geekspace for Women” is for women who are busy building rockets, making small gadgets or large networks, designing new computer programs, p0wning games, publishing science fiction, writing/designing comics, making music - whatever geeks are up to, you’ll find it here. If there’s something missing that should be here, speak up! ...more

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