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    Wendy Christensen's wonderful world of blog

    Little reminders from LIFE that help us be happy :) ... With our little moments we create who we are, where we are going and who we will BECOME! Join the fun ...!! Our moments matter. ...more

    Wendy Cooper's Weblog

    A personal weblog of Wendy Cooper. A mother, wife, and blogger from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada ...more

    Wendy Lurrie's blog

    The best way to achieve an outcome is to design for it ...more

    Wendy's Life

    Yup, you found me.  ...more

    West of Prep

    My name is Ali {aWa} and I run a little blog {west of prep}. At 18 years old, I've begun the educational trek to nursing school, all the while wishing I lived on another coast. I am constantly charmed by the southern way of life & searching for my own purpose while trying to survive college and everything "growing up" brings....more

    West Philly Mama

    Sandra is a West Philadelphia Mama (not born and raised, but she does spend most of her days on the playground).  She is a former professional activist turned stay-at-home-mom. Happily married to her best friend with a precocious toddler, pug and another on the way (baby, not pug). She blogs about my life as a queer, Latina, feminist reclaiming family values....more

    Western Science Has Become As God

    Science has essentially taken the place of God in the western world. Culture esteems scientific knowledge as concrete, verifiable, and the ultimate method to truth. If one cannot prove a thing scientifically it is, most likely, untrue by default. ...more

    Wet Coast Women

    A community site for women bloggers on the west, make friends, promote your blog! ...more

    Whale Ears and Other Wonderings

    My learning adventures as an expat mom, currently in Cairo ...more

    what a cup of tea

    Counting and Colorblindness ...more

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