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    Welcome To My Coset, Here's a Black Dress

    Thoughts on and various diversions from life. Creative non-fiction, poetry, and photos. ...more

    Welcome to My Life

    In a nut shell it's Me, uncensored.  I write about life with teenage daughters, ex husbands, destructive cats, bipolar disorder, and the need to find a job, preferably close to a bar. ...more

    Welcome to my life

    Musings and observations of my life ...more

    Welcome to my life: Musing of a 20 something Ohio blogger

    My blog is about my life as a 20 something, living with her boyfriend and being on her own for the first time.  I post a lot about my life and what is going on, along with things that I'm becoming interested in such as reading, dieting and photography.  I'm not a mom and I'm not married yet and I want to have a place where people like me can come and talk about things that go on in our lives....more

    Welcome To My Planet: Autism, Diapers, Motherhood, & Mayhem

    Being a Mom is anything but typical. Enter, Autism. The uninvited dinner guest that has decided to stay for 13 years. Add 3 more little girls to the mix, and the question begs: Has anyone seen my "Normal" laying around? I'd like it back please. I miss it. ...more

    Welcome To My Rebellious Kingdom

    Arab female who tries to voice her concerns about the future of women in the Arab World, their rights in a male dominate society, and the freedom entitled to them. ...more

    Welcome To My World

    Welcome To My World ...more

    Welcome to my world

    Life and times of an MBA gal making her way in the world ...more

    Welcome to My World of Dreams

    Come and join me on my journey as I muse on writing, publishing, and life in general. ...more

    Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to my schizophrenic blog that seeks to be all things to me. From infertility & miscarriage, to adoption. From feminism, black politics, righteous ranting, humor, recovery and addiction, to my passion for knitting. This is my home. I hope you enjoy your visit. The moral of life is: There is no fucking plan! ...more

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