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    ((little fat notebook))

    My philosophy is simple: things change. Therefore, we are all on a lifelong journey of discovery. We should be flexible, questioning, learning, adapting, and growing. Always. ...more
  • (365 Days of) Cleaning Up the Clutter

    I've resolved to spend 15 minutes a day cleaning up the clutter in my house.  I'll do this everyday, for 365 days!   ...more
    I feel ya! I have a toddler who wants to play with everything at one time...he makes that possible!more

    (Emphasis Mine)

    Accentuation My Life ...more

    (Gluten Free) Belle of the Desert

    Belle of the Desert is my personal blog. It's an outlet for sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions and everything else that may pop into my brain from time to time.I am 31 years old, recently discovered that I am gluten intollerant and am making the switch to a gluten free lifestyle. I'm also a student of Psychology and a huge Phoenix Coyotes hockey fan. I counsel heroin addicts for a living at the moment....more

    (i am alive)

    arbitrary reflections from a fairly ordinary life......more

    (Insert Witty Title Here)

    The Ponderings of a Twenty-Something Girl in San Francisco ...more

    (Love) Notes To Self

    Just relaying life as I see it - working mother, wife, dog owner, city dweller - in the funniest way possible. ...more

    (My) Intelligence Is A Curse

    Just the Inner Kindling of an Intelligent Mind. ...more
  • (not so) Ordinary Life

    Holla. ...more

    Love your blog!  It's got a great balance which kept me glued to the end.

    Enjoy ...more


    This blog is about my daily/weekly excitements in life, and about discovering and rediscovering good music. ...more

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