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    War and Piece

    Warding Willis Hill

    I'm Jordan (Ward) Willis. I'm responsible for the upkeep of two hearts- they belong to my husband and our dog, Maggie. This blog chronicles my ordinary life atop Willis Hill- our homestead. I describe myself as quirky, southern, and family oriented. I'm also a redhead. To the MAX!Enjoy....more


    Washington Bella

    A twenty-something Sweet Briar alumna writing about beauty, allergies, and my life in the city. ...more


    Location Alabama United States See map: Google Maps WashingtonPharmGirl is a blog about the dirty underbelly of parenting, marriage, alcoholism, keeping up with the Joneses, and manic crafting.  I chronicle the giant move we made from Washington State to Alabama.  Culture shock, hijinx and meltdowns ensue.  I don't hold anything back.  I think sharing leads to caring and less comparing.  I am not perfect.  I burn food.  I blow it with my kids.  I pick up the pieces of my sometimes broken marriage.  All in all, I'm the American Dream.  But sleepier....more

    Watch Me Move

    I'm a dancer, choreographer, fashion stylist. I never stand still. I feel that life is way to short and there is never enough hours in the day. i make visual moving pictures for you to enjoy and write about how it happens here....more

    Watching The Waters

    International & transracial adoption, reactive attachment disorder, PTSD, special needs parenting, Haiti, marathoning...more

    Watching the Wheels

    Watching the Wheels is the personal blog of Kelley Clark: geek, writer, photographer, artist, skeptic, atheist, fan of the Oxford comma, and activist for a secular and sex-positive life. She also enjoys speaking of herself in the third person. ...more

    WATERBORNE: A Live-Aboard Blog

    WATERBORNE: A live-aboard blog is about our life on a 38' classic wooden boat on the west coast of Canada; water-related happenings in the harbour where we live; family stuff, and my fibre arts pursuits....more


    A Poet's Notebook ...more

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