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    Me: sometimes funny, sometimes scathing, sometimes judgemental, sometimes silly, sometimes serious, always honest, always obsessed with my dogs. Weinerwhistle blog: same....more

    Welcome Company

    Welcome Company is a blog about Faith, Home, Family and Food, but it is also about connection. About being welcome. My name is Danielle and I would love for you to join me on the journey ahead as I share my experiences, thoughts, family, home, faith and of course, some pretty great food. My sincere hope is that I can offer you encouragement, wonderful recipes, a laugh or two (probably because of something one of my kids says or does) and share, from my heart, the joy and hope God has given me even in the hard stuff....more

    Welcome to Bethville!

    Come for a visit to the community of Bethville, where strange things happen every day. Important breaking news! Frightening celebrity fashion! Zombie attacks! And, of course, romance! ...more

    Welcome to Capitolville: Life in the District

    small town gal finally takes on the big city.  somewhat regularly updated blog about life, liberty, and the pursuit of a PhD....more

    Welcome to Katfrog's Corner!

    Where you can get parenting advice, book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, my opinion on current events, pictures, and the occasional fictional piece. Opinions are welcome. Trolls are not. ...more
  • Welcome to My Brain

    I'm crazy in love with the God that made me, and the hot, bald man He gave me. Our family is a backwards Oreo - a bunch of pasty white people, with a gorgeous black girl in the middle. Two of my kids have Tourette Syndrome. One also has OCD, and the third has food allergies! I finally got my nose pierced when I was 34. I'm one of the funkiest pastor's wives on the planet (if I do say so myself). I'm a pseudo-crunchy, child of the 80's, democrat/republican, God lovin', tree side-hugger, dance-on-the-sofa, flat-chested, guitar-playin', parental type. I am gorgeous. I am art. ...more

    I have a 12 year old son with Tourettes and OCD.  I'm trying to figure out this whole ...more

    Welcome To My Coset, Here's a Black Dress

    Thoughts on and various diversions from life. Creative non-fiction, poetry, and photos. ...more

    Welcome to My Life

    In a nut shell it's Me, uncensored.  I write about life with teenage daughters, ex husbands, destructive cats, bipolar disorder, and the need to find a job, preferably close to a bar. ...more

    Welcome to my life

    Musings and observations of my life ...more

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