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    Welcome to my world

    Life and times of an MBA gal making her way in the world ...more

    Welcome to My World of Dreams

    Come and join me on my journey as I muse on writing, publishing, and life in general. ...more

    Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to my schizophrenic blog that seeks to be all things to me. From infertility & miscarriage, to adoption. From feminism, black politics, righteous ranting, humor, recovery and addiction, to my passion for knitting. This is my home. I hope you enjoy your visit. The moral of life is: There is no fucking plan! ...more

    Welcoming Spirit

    In Improv, one of the things you learn really early on is to acknowledge and celebrate your failures. It's part of the deal ... there are times when a group of improvisors are doing something on the fly, and something goes terribly wrong. Or just becomes awkward. I think that's part of why audiences love to watch improv. One of the things we do in class (and its encouraged) is acknowledge that moment of weirdness, when the action has stopped and the everyone is stuck. If a scene's a stinker, we very gloriously put our hands above our head, ...more

    Well and Cheaply

    Hello! My name is Sarah. I live in Brooklyn, New York and like to write. Things I like to write about include: thoughts that happen in my brain (usually while walking to the subway), people that I love, cats that I love, places, food, books and life. This place is a window into my world. Please feel free to peep in from the sidewalk because it's nighttime and I've left the blinds wide open and all the lights are on....more

    Well Honestly Now

    Irreverent, painfully honest, weak and vulnerable, faking strength every day. ...more

    Well It's not going to kill you

    An unexpected journey through breast cancer with a little bit of real life thrown in ...more

    Well Worn Soles

    Working mom of two daughters under the age of two, wife to my best friend, and travel lover. My blog, Well Worn Soles, is my attempt to capture the precious moments of our lives. ...more

    Well, That Was Different

    Location Austria U.S. Foreign Service spouse in Vienna, Austria blogging on travel, local culture, diplomatic and family life.  Lots of photos....more

    Well, that's interesting

    Right now my school is in the middle of mid terms. This means I still have to come in, but I don’t have a lot to do.  I’m working on my lesson plans, hoping to get ahead. Right now I’m trying to find a bunch of cool women to introduce my cool young women to...more

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