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    Where the FuhKaui?

    Thirty Something Mom traveling the country in a converted schoolbus with husband and three always unschooled punks. ...more

    Where the Fur Flies

    Where the fur flies is about boring old me, my life with my three furry yahoos and my apparent desire to paint anything that doesn't walk away....more

    Where the Hell Am I?

    Direct from Seoul, South Korea...this is my first real attempt at a blog. I've been overseas for a bit too long, but I'm still loving it. I'm on a quest to get more education. So in addition to my B.A. ...more

    Where the Streets Have No Name

    My blog was originally intended to be a travel blog, but since my original travel plans have been put off for a year, my blog has transformed into that of a 24 year old woman who has many dreams and ambitions and who is trying to figure out what kind of life she wants for herself.  What kind of career, what kind of life philosophy, what kind of relationships I want, as well as to understand where I've been and how it's shaped my life.   ...more

    Where We Love is Home

    My name is Joelle, and I'm a young wife who's just trying to figure life out. I fill my time trying new recipes; exquisitely complicated things that either turn out to be the best thing you've ever tasted, or the worst. I'm a writer by nature and I have a thousand stories in my head that are just dying to be told. I have a little apartment that I try to decorate, and it's definitely a work in progress. My goal in life is to become a wine sophisticate, or an oenophile, if you will....more

    Where's My Cape?

    Physician-mother KC (mainly) laughs her way mothering Jolie (born 2005) and JL (born 2008). She also gives plenty of fake medical advice and documents the monthly changes of her children via "operating system" upgrades. ...more

    where's your sense of adventure?

    Daily adventures of an artist, a scientist, and their mini schnauzer. ...more

    Where, Oh Where Are You Hiding?

    I’m a single 20 something living in the good old US of A.  A down home southern girl at heart who would like nothing more than to one day find my prince charming and change my career from being a teacher to a wife and mother.  Until that day comes though I’m learning to be content with whatever situation that God chooses to place me within, and right now that unfortunately includes hospice.  I love photography and often times use it as an outlet for my ever increasing stress.  If you’re looking for someone who simply spews honesty at you on both the good days and the bad...more

    Wheres the Party?

    Preggo, newlywed, just moved to the 'burbs from Seattle.  Where's the Party? ...more

    Wherever Life Takes Us - My journey with marriage, God, two former preemies, and photography

    I am a mother to two great daughters, both former preemies. I met the love of my life in 1998 and we have been together ever since. In short definition, I am: a baby loving, preemie mothering, God fearing, wife to an armwrestler, non organic eating, SUV driving, mastiff owning, stay at home, scary movie adoring, hot headed, arts 'n craftsy, trustworthy, scrapbooking, plain spoken, prayer warrior, hard headed, 4 wheeler ownin' mud ridin', cancer hating, Message bible reading, overdue library book having, Daddy's girl. ...more

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