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    .: Mommy Doodles :.

    A graphic designer living in New England .: 1 mom + 1 dad = 1 son + 1 puppy :. Blogging all about the places we go, things we do, people we see! Showcasing products & services relating to parenting & family. ...more


    Hi I am a stay at home mother of two and a wife.  At .simply.simon. you will find me rambling about crafts, motherhood, coffee, and adoption - not all in that order. :)   ...more


    Adventures around Los Angeles. ...more


    Black beauty is one that is unique and indigenous only to those of african descent. Its evied and imitated by those who lack its distinctive traits. Yet, we don't seem to love or accept, but fear and reject it. Stop letting people tell you that only those with "good" hair can grow sensational lengths or can have a healthy, glorious crown. Stop putting cash in the underqualified stylists hands and learn to do it on your own. A 6 billion dollar industry, and not a cent of its going into your pockets. Reclaim your cash, and your pride. ...more
  • 1 size doesn't fit all

    My name is Dawn. I am a stay at home mother to 3 children; Asha, Elliott, and Frankie.I am married to my best friend, Brian. We have been married since October 2003. Since we were married I have been trying and failing horribly at trying to fit into the mold of being a stay at home mom.I see women who have it all together and have more children than I do. I read their stories, blogs, etc and wander why am I not like them?...more

    hi dawn. you don't know me, but we are in the same boat. i only have two kids and i ...more

    1 Size Doesn't Fit All

    (mis)Adventures of a stay at home mom, wife, blogger, cook, woman who doesn't fit into the mold and the family who is stuck with her....more

    1 Voice 4 Peace

    A blog that advocates for peace, both inner and outer.  I aim to inspire, connect, and share-- and, hopefully, spread a little peace with my one little voice.  :) ...more

    100 Days to Hippie

    I'm an environmentally-conscious, twenty-something single mom living in Jacksonville, Florida....more

    100 word minimum

    Writing, engineering, translation & photography in Richmond, Virginia. ...more


    1000 wonderful, colorful petals on the FLOWER OF LIFE, and the opening of each brings some new freshness and beauty to the world… 1000 sweet, gentle and yet powerful petals on the FLOWER OF LOVE, and the opening of each promisses new and news shades of the loving light… ...more

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