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    Ferocious Introvert - A Drawing Diary

    A drawing diary. While some people need to talk or write about something to gain clarity. I draw. A little comic booky, a little woo-woo, it's a pictorial tour of a life unfolding in the inner world of a ferocious introvert....more

    fete a fete

    Life is a gorgeous fête, thanks to chocolate, champagne, great friends and tasty food... it’s absolutely sweet when you meet someone fabulous, see a great foreign film, go dancing (Argentine tango rocks!) or hear a wonderful band — Pink Martini or Paris Combo anyone? ...more

    Fiat Lux

    Primarily a personal blog, Fiat Lux also touches regularly on business, technology, and political issues. ...more


    "Is this your blog? If so, please claim it by listing your blog." ...more

    Fibro Feist / Less Sick, More Sass.

    Fibro Feist is inspired by my journey with fibromyalgia–but it’s about more than that, too. It’s about living and thriving with chronic illness. Loving and being loved amidst profound struggle. Seeking answers and confronting difficult questions. Speaking up when things blow goats. And soaking up every bit of joy from every “good day” that lands in my lap. Fibro Feist is about living with less sick and more sass–even if our bodies feel like they’re about to break. Because as far as I can tell, sass is what’s gonna save my life....more

    Fibro World

    We're a mother-daughter team.  Dot is a 20-something fibro survivor and Fibro Mom is a 60-ish, sometimes crabby caregiver who works part-time. We talk about our daily triumphs and setbacks in coping with a chronic and invisible illness.  Together, we bring two perspectives, patient and caregiver, in a dialogue that we hope informs, engages and entertains....more

    Fickle Feline 2.0

    My goal in life is to beat Autism. Not just for my son Max, but for all children locked away by this devastating disorder. ...more

    Fickle Little Machine

    "I love so many things that I can hardly keep any of it to myself, so here it is, so you can have it too." ...more


    angst , rants and ramblings of my fickle mind and my heart and soul's journey through LIFE and LOVE and everything in between.... ...more

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