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    Fida Inc

    Fiddle Dee Dee

    Musings of a Southern Wife....if Scarlett O'Hara had only known!...more

    Fiddle Dee Dee....Musings of a Southern Wife

    A collection of musings on the daily life of a Southern wife and mother.  You can find recipes, do-it-yourself ideas, travel journals, and just the ramblings of a woman living through her hubby's midlife crisis dream of becoming a farmer....more

    field | work

    I'm an MFA student (poetry) in Minnesota.  Things I love: poetry and precise words, gardens in bloom, photography, the natural world, walking in the woods, geography and culture and a sense of place, thunderstorms, letterpress artwork, knit objects, earth tones, chai tea, little birds, the ocean, homebaked bread and jam, wool, thick books to get lost in, sheep and llamas and goats and organic/family farms, simplicity, quiet joy, finding balance, being here now. ...more

    Fierce Authenticity

    I stopped shoulding all over myself, am finding my voice, and blogging about my experience of living my favorite quote - "It's never too late to be what you might have been." Fierce authenticity is about gettin' and keepin' it real. If my journey helps one other person then I'll consider myself a success....more

    Fierce Paradise

    Wandering through Life as a Mama. The ramblings of a crunchy Christian mama of two.  ...more

    Fifi Finishes Law School...and goes out into the real world

    First off, sadly, my real name is not fifi. Although that would be fun.  ...more

    Fifi's Closet

    bows, headbands, baby jewelry, felt play food...more

    Fifties Schmifties

    How people in their 50s really think! Don't classify us as old. Don't even call us middle aged. A comic/serious look at what it really means to be half a hundred.Guest columnists welcome. ...more

    Fifty & Furthermore

    I hate the word "elder" blog. I'd like to think that is savvy, sexy, and well (s)aged. ...more

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