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    From Captain's Daughter to Army Mom

    Location United States See map: Google Maps Lifestyle blog written by full-time, (consumer marketing) professional who also happens to be the mother of a US Army Airborne Ranger. Blog content concentrated on topics of home and garden decor, antiquing, estate auction sales, cooking, baking, outdoor exercise/activities, healthy/CLEAN living and couples travel adventures... Along with the occasional sharing of very personal emotions and experiences relating to the struggles and tremendous pride I feel having a son serving in the military....more

    From Clover Cottage

    Location The Country Belle Hwy. 11 Campobello, SC United States See map: Google Maps From Clover Cottage is about living life in cottage style in the country of upstate South Carolina. Including posts about me, my chickens, the cottage, my cat, my boyfriend JD and whatever else crosses my mind.There's also gardening, home decor, recipes and plenty of humor!...more

    From Frank to Frivolous

    A former pop-culture addict turned modern mom invites you to take a walk on the frankly fabulous side of television, movies, new parenthood, and whatever else about my equal parts fantastic and fatiguing life strikes my frivolous fancy. ...more

    From Freezer to Field

    Location Ohio United States See map: Google Maps Transitioning my career from frozen food to wildlife conservation...more

    From Here to Autonomy

    From Here to Autonomy explores entrepreneurism--more a mindset than a card-carrying trait. You can be entrepreneurial-minded while working in a large corporation, IMHO. In particular, I explore areas of personal interest to me, as someone who has built and is growing a business I am passionate about and also growing a life outside of that business. Time management issues abound, as do questions of priority. How does someone who has been constantly running slow down and live life deliberately while still being effective?...more

    From High Heels to Sneakers

    From His Heart to Mine

    My journey through life as a mother, wife, friend, AdvoCare distributor, personal trainer and most importantly, a daughter of the Holy King. I stumble, I fall, but man do I enjoy every step of it! ...more

    from lemons to lemonade

    One moms journey into home(business)making and the passion to share it with others. ...more

    From Londonderryroad

    I write about childhood memories growing up in the caribbean, my kids, sports, exercise, spouse, photography and my community...more

    From Milan To Minsk

    I find that as I walk around, drive around, and live around every day, there are a lot of things and people who are inspiring, appalling, stupid, intelligent, and for the most part...worth writing about. These "wow" or "what the...?!" moments are what I write about almost every single day. ...more

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