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    Fancy That...Fancy This

    Welcome!  My name is Ameena and I started this blog to share the different things that I come across in my day-to-day life.  I love to talk but my husband is tired of listening to me.  I love to talk but I’m not so good at writing.  I hope that in the process of writing this blog I can improve my writing skills.  My husband just hopes that someone else will listen to me.  A little bit about me – I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Finance.  I cu...more


    Two best friends blog about their favorite things, fashion and food! Follow their adventures around LA, and always remember to eat well and dress fancy!...more

    Fanning Flashes

    Growing up in Louisiana, I learned the skills of being a lady from the mom BettyAnne. She had many words of wisdom that I apply to everyday life. When things get too hot she told me to just find a nice breeze and fan the flashes-they will pass soon enough. Thus the name of my blog and a prescription for dealing with the heat of becoming a woman of a certain age. My hope is that Fanning Flashes will entertain, encourage and motivate while providing a creative fix for this frustrated journalist who took a different path.God Bless!...more

    Fantastically Blonde

    24. Colorful Colorado. New home owner. Engaged!!! 2 adorable black labs. ...more

    Far From Flawless

    Through a series of unpredictable life circumstances, Missy is learning that to let go of perfection and accept the flaws in herself and others. With an upbeat and hopeful outlook she shares the joys of being a mother, the journey of divorce and the thrill of rediscovering herself....more

    Far From Perfect Robbin

    If you are just stumbling across this blog it will be filled with what I'm reading, what I'm cooking, what music I've come across, what I'm doing, what I'm not doing, what I'm b*tching about, crafts projects I'm doing, photos I've taken, photos I've found and love, fashion I like or great finds I've found, magazine article I love, celebrity gossiping, family gossiping, my gratefulness for life, love laughter and l-i-v-i-n, and all the changes I go through along the way....more

    Far From The Sticks

    I am a super prompt East Coaster.  I lived in beautiful, sunny, San Diego, until recently. Officially I am now an ex-pat, or at least will be for the next few months as I explore Turkey. I will be seeing the sights, learning the language and eating the food. And Eating the Food. ...more

    farm suite

    Homesteading with heart, the Farm Suite family ...more

    Farmer's Daughter-in-Law

    I live on an 8 1/2 acre organic hobby farm in Powhatan Virginia with my husband Sean and our three boys. Celiac and multiple autoimmune diseases run in our family, so I make gluten free and organic food to try and keep everyone as healthy as possible.   Due to our youngest son's health issues, I home school him.  My idea of a perfect day is spending the day with my husband hitting a couple of yard sales and flea markets and then climbing around in an old barn, unearthing treasures. Fun!...more

    Farmgirl Writes

    Farmgirl Writes tells the story of a girl. She has hopes and dreams much like the rest of us. She started Farmgirl Writes as a way of sharing her crazy life with the world. She is a camera geek (Nikon, yes?), an HTML fanatic, and an avid reader. She has chased pigs and worked at the library within hours of one another. ...more

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