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    Fatty McFatterson

    I used to blog about being fat, now I blog about being fat and pregnant!...more


    Location London United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Feminism, parenting, writing, gentle mockery of religious insanity, reviews, and whatever else occurs to me in the middle of the night. ...more

    Favorito: Life, Thoughts, Coffee

    Helping to share happy news on healthy living and spiritual growth for over a decade....more

    Fawnahareo's Place

    I'm Fawn from Whitehorse, Yukon. I am wife to Michael and Mama to Jade and Halia, as well as handmaiden to Crook and Nanuq. These days my life is pretty defined by mommyhood and childhood epilepsy, but I have dreams that I'll get out of the house again someday, and regain my identity as a singer and composer. But first, I have to catch up on some sleep. ...more


    This is an electic blog about my life, shop, art, and handy links to tips, reviews, projects, and more!...more

    Feast of Love

    Life as it reveals itself in a post-Paris, pre-kids, late 20's sort of way....more

    FEAST: Books, art, food, film, and travel

    FEAST the blog offers delicious postings about books, art, food, film, and travel on an everchanging basis. You won't necessarily find best-sellers here--I started the blog and the eZine of the same name because I felt so many book reviews seemed bent on pointing out what was WRONG, being critical. I wanted to share wonderful finds with my readers, great stories, mind-expanding art, and less usual places to visit when traveling. ...more

    Feathered Friendsy

    My name is Amy and I'm a full time stay-at-home mom of 3 & part time professional writer. I love life and enjoy writing about it here!...more


    Is it sad that I looked online for help to write an "About" page? Hi, I'm Amanda, and this is my blog. I decided to name this blog FeatherLight for a couple of reasons: one, all of the good ...more

    Feathers From Our Nest

    Four Women...One Blog  OUR PURPOSE...more

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