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    Half Pint Pixie

    The random musings and adventures of an Irish vegan attachment parenting mum. ...more

    Half-Baked, Twice as Good

    This working woman blogs about her daily struggles with balancing life, family and her anxiety. ...more

    Half-Past Kissin' Time

    A blog by a funny, creative, sensitive 40-something mom, wife, and teacher in the Midwestern USA. Topics include life in general, as well as teaching students with emotional/behavioral disabilities. ...more

    Halfway to Normal

    This blog is a collection of very real (and, I hope, funny and touching) stories about living a life in between. The stories revolve around topics like divorce, parenting, community, new love, sexuality, forgiveness, the ups and downs of freelancing, and the art of learning to live in the moment. But ultimately these stories tell about my efforts to strike a balance—between my Christian and “secular” lives, my professional and personal lives, and my outer and inner selves—while staying true to ...more

    ham & cheese on wry

    The salty, self-absorbed, sometimes shrill and occasionally sappy observations of a big ol' lesbian living in beautiful Downtown Brooklyn. ...more


    A single female 20-something jazz musician blogging about her new life in Chicago. I'm trying to make new friends and make a living doing what I love while figuring out this big new city....more

    Hamlet's Mistress

    An intospective, reflective and observational blog by a woman on the verge of setting the world on fire. Life, love and the desire to have a child are the crux of this blog mixed with a good dose of disgruntledness and sarcasm.  A consummate optimist, her blog is the one place this girl doesn't have to prentend to hold her crap together. ...more

    Hammocks And Hot Tubs

    This is a fun blog written by a single girl in San Francisco with a penchant for travel, grammar and hot tubs. ...more


    Media theory, feminist semi-rantings, ballroom dancing, general life-y stuff and notes on coming back to the States after a few years in London. Oh, and boys sometimes, too. ...more

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