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    Handful of Health

    Health is about more than your BMI or five-a-day. It's daily bits of fitness, family, good food, creativity and personal achievements. This logs my pursuit of health. NEW: Now with more lolcats! ;)...more

    Hands Full of Rocks

    A series of essays on parenthood. ...more

    Hang On, Baby, We're Almost... Somewhere

    Location Currently living in the Washington, DC suburbs United States See map: Google Maps This is me in a nutshell: Native Texan; lover of Jesus; happy wife of Honey, a Diplomatic Security Special Agent; mom of four (mostly) delightful kids: Cartwheel, 21; Einstein, 10; Blossom, 8; and Ladybug, 3; voracious reader, whose appetite for books is reluctantly subjugated to other duties in my life. “Hang on, baby, we’re almost…somewhere” comes from a family road trip.  To read the whole story, click here: I blog with ...more

    Hanging by a Nerve

    Glimpses into the {crazy} life of a single mom of two ...more

    30something newlywed who loves Jesus, her husband, her (4) dogs and photography. In that order. I've been writing online since 2000, and amazingly, have yet to run out of things to say. ...more

    Hao Mama - Raising Children in Mandarin and English

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and our two young children. This site is part of my never-ending quest to find and share resources that make learning Chinese a fun and organic part of our children’s lives. ...more

    hapa | hale

    devoted to modern + fresh finds from the islands of hawaii ...more


    My memoirs. Would love feedback. Thank you!...more


    Ruminations -- often about democracy as it lives and dies. For anyone who has asked: Can it happen here? ...more

    Happenings on the Hill: Musings of an Evil Wife in Vermont

    Blog of New Jersey native and female attorney who moved with her three sons and husband to rural Vermont. Musings, anecdotes and general observations about life and the world in general....more

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